Saturday, January 7, 2012


Today in Walmart I discovered that I always, without fail, pick the line that takes ten times longer than the other lines. I have tried to perfect this art of finding the fast line, but I have learned that all my techniques are insufficient.

First, I looked to see how much is in the carts of those already in the line. Today, as far as goods in the basket, the line was in pretty good shape. Even though I only had two things in my cart, I forfieted the "10 items or less" line because there was that obnoxious family that does not know how to count and had a basket full of items.

As time wore on, as it always does in lines, I realized that there was some kind of delay with payment five carts ahead. The cashier did not look the least bit concerned that he had a line the size of Texas. Then, I notice that the family that was in the "10 or less items" line was checking out and the checker for that line seemed to be extremely efficient. I, however, was stuck with my choice at this point and had not moved for several minutes. My foot began to tap and I was fighting the urge to roll my eyes and look annoyed.

Then, I check back with the people in front of me. Apparently two college students had bought their groceries together and would be paying separately, and as if they were relishing the fact that it was finally their turn after watching a mom buy five thousand princess toys, they slowly deposited their items on the beltway and of course had trouble with their credit cards. At this point I look to the side and see someone I had stopped to talk to as I was shopping on their way out the door. They had been shopping at least an extra ten minutes than me!

The worst part was watching the checker of my line. He looked like he was actually sleeping as he worked. How had I overlooked his ridiculous snail pace? When my turn finally came he proceeded to slowly ring up my two items and then tell me how his eye had been watering. I smiled, expressed some sympathy for his plight and swiped my card. The funny part of it all is that I maybe waited a total of fifteen minutes (I actually don't know the just felt this long), had no time constraints, and should have visited with people in my line. Figures.

Can someone teach me the trick to picking the quick line? I think it is my curse for already having an impatience problem. Maybe if I would learn my lesson I might catch a quick line occasionally! =)

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  1. Hey Lucy, I found your blog! Tell Cody I said "hello"! My blog is private, so shoot me an e-mail and I'll get you added in!


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