Monday, June 18, 2012

Out of Shape and Picture Updates

I played a lot of soccer growing up. I played in rain, hail, sweltering hot temperatures and with injuries. What I have not ever done is played after having a baby and after a four year break. A friend of ours plays on an adult league in Idaho Falls and asked if I would be interested. I was very eager to sign up because I have been trying to find something that would motivate me to exercise more consistently. Last night was my first game and there is one word that can sum up the experience...SORE. I caught myself lifting my leg with my hands to get out of my car today. It was actually comical and somewhat disheartening. I did have a great time though, despite our loss, and it reminded me that I may have the capacity to get back in shape. Everyone on the team is friendly, so I think it will be a great season. I am grateful for the chance to get out on the field again.

Winter 2012 Semester Students

Winter 2012 Semester Students

We stopped at Cove Fort to eat on our way to St. George. Jane is eating Gouda cheese!

Wagon ride to the park.

Jane sat in the back and Beka and Caleb pretty much laid on her the whole way to the park and back! haa.

Graduated with Honors! Way to Go Mom!

Mom and Jamie

Me and Mom

Brittany Degan, Alyssa Cordova and Hannah Cordova at Junnel's wedding in NorCal.

Friends at Junnel's wedding

The Reception Barn

The white tent was right by a stream/river and the actual ceremony was held there. 

Old Faithful

Buffalos at Yellowstone

Joanie came to visit and sing to us.

Joanie and Blaine stayed with us for a couple of days! Horray!


Playing with cousins


Kevin and Jane


Jane and Lucas

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