Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chef Needed

My husband has asked me to take some culinary classes. 

I watch in awe at mothers and wives that find such joy in cooking meals for their family. I have spurts of not minding cooking, but never joyful, care-free feelings as I chop an onion, dice a tomato or burn the butter intended for sauteing. Whether this is attributed to my mother's tyrannical behavior when she cooked meals growing up or my feminist determination to show that men and women can trade roles occasionally, this realization about myself has led me to think that every mother that hates (oops, dislikes) cooking should employ a person that loves to cook and plan delicious meals. If a professional chef were affordable, it would be among my first expenditures.
Reason #1: My family would eat tasty and healthy meals consistently. **
Reason #2: I would be very happy and helpful during mealtimes.
Reason #3: If my grandmother's theory that "cooking is an expression of love" is true, then the food that we all ate would be filled with love and lovely nutrients.
Reason #4: I could even learn a few things from the chef, when I felt inclined.
Reason #5: I could spend the time that I am usually stressing about what to cook, how to cook it and where the ingredients went, guilt free and engaged in some worthy cause (not to say cooking is not a worthy cause).

**Let me make myself clear. I do cook healthy, and sometimes tasty, meals for my family, but I think that my life (and my family's life) would be infinitely better tasting and better used if I could employ a cook.

Now, if any of you have the secret to enjoying cooking and you have actually disliked it at one point, please pass your wisdom my way because I don't think I am going to be able to hire a chef for a few more years. =)

The End and the Beginning

Spring Semester ended on July 18. I had a wonderful and stressful time meeting with students to determine their grades for the semester. I love to talk to them about their progress and learning, but I don't especially like giving grades. In an ideal world there would be no grades or time constraints, but we don't live in an ideal world. However, my students wrote some really quality papers, did some deep and active reading and showed that they know how to think critically. I really enjoyed the course, and I am glad that I learned from it. I am now teaching English 201 during the Summer Session, which began on Monday, July 23. I have a great group of students that discuss well, have a wide range of backgrounds and seem to be genuinely interested in learning. I am excited to teach the course again, so I can hopefully improve upon what I have already done. Soccer is still kicking my butt. I think I am may give up soccer and take up tennis again. I just don't run up and down a soccer field for as long as I used to or would like to. Maybe I can run back and forth on a tennis court a little better. Maybe my real problem is that exercising is more of a chore now because I don't exercise to have fun, I exercise to loose weight. Whatever my motivation, it doesn't excuse me from trying to find some satisfaction in being active.

Cody also finished Spring Semester. Online classes proved to be more work than we anticipated. He started with 12 online credits and ended the semester with 9. However frustrating this is, I am glad that we were able to keep going to school during his off track. He is looking forward to the seven week break. He is the assistant scout master in our ward, so he will go to Scout Camp and then home to visit his family in Alamo, NV. I hope these vacations rejuvenate him, so he can start school again. He is still working at Jiffy Lube. He enjoys the work, and we are grateful he has a job.

Jane yells "Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom" in the mornings until I get up and get her. She is very affectionate; I especially love her kisses that are accompanied with the sound, "Muah". She likes to sing nursery songs and dance. She is a fruit lover (peaches, pears and blueberries are her favorites). Jane is getting the last of her teeth and, I think, growing. Our neighbor's son got home from a long summer trip and saw Jane and said, "O, Jane has gotten smaller." =)

We have spent a lot of time in the water lately...little pools at friends houses, sprinklers and city pool.  It is plenty hot here in Rexburg right now, and since it does not stay hot very long here, we swim and enjoy the heat as much as we can.

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