Monday, September 17, 2012

The Love of Learning

Change is a great teacher. Here are a few changes that have taught me.

My mother got a job teaching kindergarten in Rexburg, ID. We were all so anxious for her to be able to get a job and I was blessed doubly. My mom got a job and it happened to be where I am living. We have been so happy to have us here with us. I have watched my mother put in so many hours in efforts to make her classroom and instruction the best that it can be. I am thankful for her example of determination and hard work. I have been reminded how important a teacher is in the life of a child/student.

I finished up Summer Session on September 7. I forgot to take a picture of the class. I am sad about that, but the interviews with each student was a joy. I had a lot of responsible and intelligent students that made discussions and reading their writing a pleasure. I am now taking a break from teaching. I began taking six credits for my Masters degree August 20th. I am thoroughly enjoying my poetry course and studying the life and writings of Milton. When I am brave enough I will post a poem that I have written. After all of my time encouraging and trying to exemplify learning, I am able to apply this to my own learning, more focused than I have been able to in the past. Learning continues to take hard work and time, but I have found that my search for knowledge, understanding and application go far beyond my desire for a good grade. I have to have faith in what I tell my students all the time...If you really put in the time and learn to love learning, the grade will take care of itself. Plus, grades do not accurately reflect someone's learning, however precise the system.

Cody is back in school after a seven week break. He was able to visit family, go to scout camp, camp with us, went hunting with a friend and continued to work over the break. Cody is taking some challenging, yet very practical classes this semester. I am proud of him and look forward to being able to support him more exclusively now that I am not working for awhile. I really enjoy being able to learn along with him and discuss subjects from his classes.

Jane is eighteen months old. She is probably one of my greatest sources of learning, which I believe God probably intended. She can go from giving kisses and talking to you as she bats her eyes to arching her back and screaming. She is truly a sweetheart, but she, I think like most toddlers, is testing the parents. Everyone tells me consistency is key. If only consistency didn't take patience, time and sheer willpower. There are many glimpses of hope though; the most recent was taking her to the city library. She did not knock every book off the shelf, but rather looked and talked at the books and then moved on. We stayed substantially longer than I have in the past and it was lovely. I love libraries, books! Some of her new hobbies include the harmonica, taking out every dish in my kitchen, and reading her books by herself. She still has a shock of blond curly hair and has recently been deemed a genetic phenomenon by a friend. =) She does look a lot like her grandmother though.

I have a terrible backlog of photos that I will share and label below.
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  1. Jane is so darling! I wish we lived there Douglas starts kindergarten next year, and I haven't heard great things about the teachers/schools, I would request your mom! :)


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