Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Deep Breath

Deep Breath: I have finished a very intense, involved paper for my Milton course. John Milton is such a gifted writer and scholar, and I have become a better person from reading his works. I ache to spend more time learning. With a few weeks left in the semester I am yearning for my single days when I could spend all day in the library reading and writing. For some (my husband) this is called torture. I have been very lucky though because Jane sleeps up to three hours during her nap time, so I can get A LOT done in that time. My parents also help watch her when they can, and I am grateful for their help. I have also been very thankful that I have been able to be home with Jane full-time this semester. She says a new word just about every morning, and I love to be around when she is tucking in a baby doll or getting caught with ornaments in her hands. We are having our own Christmas this year, so we decorated a tree and I set out all my decorations. Jane loves the lights and all the figurines she can play with while I am not looking. We are excited to start our own Christmas traditions. We normally travel during the holidays, but we are grateful to be able to have a relaxing Christmas season in our own home. We will miss Cody's family, but we will not wait too long to visit again.

Holding Breath: Cody is finishing up a semester and it will, like all previous semesters, be a challenging endeavor to finish. He is working hard, and we are enjoying planning/preparing for the future.

We are looking forward to the holiday season and hope that all our family and friends--you know who you are--have joy and peace!

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