Sunday, February 17, 2013

Plugging Along

Jane's first haircut. Thanks Larisse!

My blue-eyed blonde

Hugs for baby and cute quilts made by Pat Wodskow (Cuddle Soft Quilt Kits)
It has been a very long time since I felt like I had a minute to write. Life has been very busy for us. We are in survival mode often. Cody is taking twelve Agricultural Education credits this semester, but thankfully they are not too hard and he enjoys the work. He is also working at a youth correctional facility on the weekends. I am in the thick of three graduate courses...Psycholinguistics, Restoration and 18th Century British Literature and Theories of Teaching Writing. Each one is challenging me and taking up a lot of time and effort. I am also teaching one section of English 101. We have been blessed to be able to keep Jane home with one of us at all times. It is no easy task, but it is well worth it. Cody has been a gigantic help as I push through this last semester before I write my thesis. Jane is flourishing despite our weaknesses as parents. She speaks new words everyday, jumps and runs around constantly and has cabin fever from this cold, and seemingly long winter. I am still serving as the Relief Society secretary in our ward. I had the chance to teach about the plan of happiness a few weeks ago and had a wonderful experience studying and teaching that topic. I feel very loved that God created such a merciful plan for me. Cody has recently been called to the Young Mens organization as the second counselor, and as usual, does very well with the youth. He has a gift for teaching youth that is hard for me to swallow sometimes because I try so hard and do not seem to be as effective as he is. Cody is also going through the seminary teaching program where he enjoys the material and looks forward to being able to teach in the classroom.
We have been blessed with great support from family and friends, and we know Rexburg is where we are supposed to be, even on the days we want to quit.

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