Sunday, November 24, 2013

Full of Thanks

So much has happened recently in the Bowman family.

Cody has returned from a four day trip to Chicago, Illinois. He attended Fabtech, a huge fabrication show, on Tuesday, toured John Deere Headquarters on Wednesday and then went to a few other manufacturing companies in Chicago. He was able to go to the top of the Sear's Tower, eat at hole in the wall restaurants (stuffed crust pizza was not as good as he thought it would be), and spend time with classmates and teachers. He said it was a great experience, and he was able to give his resume to a few more companies at the show as well. Cody has interviewed for another internship with Miller Electric and we are waiting to see what happens with that. He also has a job interview with a manufacturing company in Rexburg this coming week. Overall, we are so grateful he has had so many opportunities, especially because he is graduating in April. He continues to read a lot. He has read several Little Britches books, Moccasin Trail, Hatchet, Seabiscuit, The Great Brain and others that I cannot remember. He spends a lot of time working on his foundry and researching new ways to improve the process. I am very excited to see him melt and pour the aluminum and actually make a grill. Cody is still busy with the deacons in the Young Men's organization. He enjoys the scouting trips, when he can go, and enjoys teaching. Cody is always busy.

Jane is well. She is still very small, but she is growing at her own special rate. She talks in full sentences about nearly everything. Her favorite things right now are playing with her baby dolls, watching Finding Nemo or Incredibles and chocolate. She seriously asks for chocolate every five minutes, even though she rarely is allowed to have any. One day Cody and I thought she was asleep and I said chocolate out loud and she woke up out of no where at the sound of the word. We laughed and she cried because, like usual, she didn't get to have any chocolate. Potty training...well, I will just say it is a work in progress. I did check out Pottywise from the library, but I have barely put a dent in the book. She does occasionally go to the toilet without any prompting. My mom thinks I am crazy for not getting it over with, but no time ever seems like a good time. =) Jane is also testing mom and dad's patience. She has picked up spitting, sticking her tongue out and yelling. I have no idea where the spitting and sticking her tongue out came from, and the yelling, well I don't know where that comes from either...not me, of course. Anyways, she spends a lot of time in time out, saying sorry and getting hugs afterwards. Cody and I feel at a loss at what to do often, but we figure consistency is our best friend at this point. One last funny story: yesterday Cody went to wipe her nose and she looked up at him with a glare and said, "Are you crazy?" I could not contain my laughter. Cody reprimanded her, but he too was laughing. My mom says she is to blame...haaa.

I defend my Master's thesis on December 12 and I passed my Master's Exit Exam! I am feeling very happy and grateful about being nearly done with this journey. I am planning to take my writing more seriously; I would like to set aside time to write everyday. I am going to work towards getting my poetry published in literary journals. I also want to finish the screenplay I started last year. I have subscribed to Poets and Writers to show my commitment to writing. ;) My English class is going well. I love my students and was able to hear them read their This I Believe essays on Friday. I am always so impressed with their writing and their ability to share meaningful experiences from their life. This class listens and applies what I teach well. I have just finished Catching Fire (really good), and I went to see Austenland at the cheap theater with some ladies from my ward. (I intended to read the book before, but it was checked out from the library and the waiting list was very long.) I heard the book was better, but I enjoyed the movie. I am looking forward to my birthday, my anniversary, Thanksgiving, Joan's wedding and Christmas. This season is full of wonderful, meaningful events!

A woman at church spoke about gratitude today. She said that while she was serving a mission in the Philippines, a very poor man had just been able to work playing in a band and was paid with food. When she and her companion came by to visit this man and his family, he excitedly invited them in to show them the rewards of his labor. He opened a box with a little bit of ant-infested food. He explained he could boil the food and could feed his family that night. He was grateful for so little. I pray we can, especially during the holidays, be grateful for everything. Even the things that seem so bad can actually be good for us. I am full of thanks for family, friends, a warm home, education, jobs, freedom, food and so much more. Enjoy the things that matter to you this Thanksgiving!
Cody looking down on Chicago from the Skydeck Ledge at the top of the Sears Tower. Those are his feet in the picture.
Another view of the city
Miller Electric booth at Fabtech
Cody in downtown Chicago.
An oldie, but a goodie.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Jane's Fun Halloween

Jane dressed up for Halloween carnival and parade at the library. She had "trick or treat" down really well. She had fun making the crafts too.

Recent Photo Shoots:Busby Family and Joanie and McKay Engagement Photos

So fun to take photos of the Busby family. I love them! We are so lucky to have them as neighbors and friends.

Joanie and McKay are gearing up to be married in the St. George, Utah temple on December 21st. I was so glad I could take their engagement photos.
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