Friday, February 14, 2014

Love Day

My whole life I have seen Valentine's Day differently than others. This day is about showing love to everyone, not just a specific romantic attachment. Since my first official boyfriend was my husband, I didn't ever have any expectations of bouquets of flowers, chocolates or kisses on Valentine's Day. If I had only believed that Valentine's Day was just for people seriously dating someone, I would have been pretty miserable on that day year after year. I prefer to think of Valentine's day as a day to love everyone (see the legend of St. Valentine of Rome). I owe this more broad perspective of this holiday to my sweet mother. She has always taken this day as a chance to tell her children how much she loves them. Wherever we are, she will send us a special treat/gift and note. I remember when I was the Relief Society president in my single's student ward I made sure each girl received a valentine. I am sure that many of them would have preferred a gift from a boy, but at least they knew I loved them =). This year, like every year, I have made homemade valentines and put together little treats/gifts. I hope no one wastes this day being sad. There are so many great people to love, so let them know. I send my love to all my family and friends. I love you all!

My Valentines

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dear Friends and Family

I am back to this place has been months since I last wrote and I don't know where to begin. I have decided, for records sake, to write down a few highlights from the last few months and a few pictures.

I had a great birthday, 5th wedding anniversary and Thanksgiving. There are no pictures from our weeding anniversary because we didn't really do anything. It gets hectic when there is so much going on.

Jamie and Jane at Thanksgiving.  

Jane wearing Jamie's glasses

Cody and I watched  Thor 2 for my birthday. 

Plenty of snow in Rexburg

Jane getting a ride on Tyrel's four wheeler. Almost everyone got pulled through the snow too. 

Movie night with Jane as guardian of the snacks.

I finished teaching last semester, and I actually really miss my students. We had a tiny classroom but it was okay because we all loved each other.
Fall 2013. Love them!
Next was the December craziness. My mom, Jane and I went drove through a blizzard to get to St. George for my sister's wedding. Cody had to drive through the night to get himself and my dad to St. George in time for the wedding, and we spent the rest of the holidays in Alamo, NV. I don't have any pictures from the wedding, so you will have to check out my sister's blog or Facebook to see those...Joanie Panganiban, now Joanie Lindsey
Driving through Salt Lake

Princess Jane and Beka (cousin)

Trying to rock climb in sunny St. George

Christmas Program at Lytle's house

Grandpa Bowman opening Christmas gifts

Great grandma Bowman 

Jane and Grandma Bowman. Jane is wearing a new dress she got from Tiara

Cody picking some kind of berry in the dessert with Aunt Claudia and Uncle Dave...and me. We had lunch with them afterwards. It was great to see them. 

Jane enjoying the park and warm weather

Jane chilling with her cousins (Alice and Shay) on the couch.

Playing at the elementary school in Alamo
Having a picnic in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard.
We left before New Years to get ready for the next semester. My sister Adell came to celebrate New Years with us. We ate at daPineapple Grill (so good), made delicious chocolate mint cookies and watched a movie. Jane got the last of her Christmas gifts (thanks to our neighbor Mike). As you can see, being a princess is fun for her. 

So, now I am kind-of caught up. 

The BYU-Idaho Winter Semester is in full-swing now. Cody is working as the Welding Lab Supervisor (on-campus internship) and I am teaching two courses. I graduated with my Masters degree from Morehead State University on December 14, 2013. I have already received my diploma in the mail. Cody is going to graduate April 11 and then we are headed to Appleton, Wisconsin, where Cody will work at Miller Electric as a Welding Engineering intern. We do not know all that the future holds, but we feel very blessed. Many doors have opened for Cody and I have been able to do many of the things that I dreamed of doing. We are looking forward to cross-country skiing and birthday-partying with Emily and Kyle Steadman family this month and celebrating Cody and Jane's birthdays in March. I hope all of you are doing well. I apologize for unloading events with little detail. I need to work on writing posts that are more than just skeleton, catch-up records. Have a good day!

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