Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cross Country Ski Trip/Emily's Birthday Celebration and Cody's Foundry Triumph

Jane first getting out into the snow. 
Jane and Eva ready to go.
Cody trying out the skis for the first time. 
Inside the yurt. We went on the trip to celebrate Emily's birthday. We had a great time. Emily started the fire and I helped keep it going. It was so hot in the yurt during the night. At one point Emily just kept the door open. It was either sweltering hot or really cold. We laughed about it in the morning. We had stew for dinner on Monday night and eggs, bacon and hash-browns for breakfast Tuesday morning Monday night, after we tried to get all the girls to bed, we swapped stories and just enjoyed each other's company. Of course, Jane went to bed last and I fell asleep for awhile before waking up again to enjoy adult-time. 
Our lovely yurt. 
Jane actually had a lot of fun playing in the snow with Daddy. By the time Cody took a picture, she was ready to go in. 
This is Jane when we first got up in the morning. She slept better than Cody and I, and she loved being able to play in the snow right away. 
Cody is posing with the swans. Harriman Park has water temperatures that stay constant (thermal heat from underground apparently), so many different birds are attracted to the area. The white dots in the picture are swans.
Emily (with Eva behind) and me
Cody and I stopped to document our fun. Cody was so good to stay behind me so that I didn't get behind. It was such a beautiful day. I ended up shedding my coat and scarf soon after this photo because I got so hot. I also had one fall. It is always awkward to fall with skis on your feet. =) 
Kyle had the trailer with the girls in it the whole time. Jane was nice and cozy with Grace here. 
Cody finally poured aluminum from his foundry. It was a long learning process, but success finally came. 
Here is the backside of the griddle. SK is the initials of his grandpa who made aluminum grills as well. 
This is Tate and Jane. Tate is my friend Lindsey's son. They were painting, so they are wearing big t-shirts. Cody was a champ and watched the kids while Lindsey and I walked down memory lane together and had lunch. Lindsey and I first met in our college ward when she was my first counselor in Relief Society. Ever since then we spent most of our time together. We were college roommates and roommates during our single years in Las Vegas. It was such a treat to hang out with her again. 

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