Sunday, July 20, 2014

A New Job

In the last post I wrote we were still uncertain about whether or not we would be staying in Wisconsin. Now we know...we are here to stay for some time. The story of our journey here, the events that have led up to this point are nothing short of miraculous. We can easily attribute the blessings we have recieved to a loving and patient Heavenly Father, along with wonderfully supportive family and friends. I have recorded the events carefully in a journal since we got here and I will eventually share some of the details on this blog, but for now we want to just share that Cody is now a welding engineer for Miller Electric. This is the job we have been hoping and praying for the last six months. We feel so grateful and we look forward to making Wisconsin our home. So much of the work and sacrifice of the last 3.5 years is paying off! God is good! Count your blessings today. 

This is us celebrating Cody's new job at TGIFridays.
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