Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Quick report

Jane riding a pony at Cody's work party.
Cody and Jane at Miller Electric picnic.

Cody is enjoying his job. He has been doing a lot of organizing, learning and meeting with coworkers. He is very busy and we have been surprised at how little we see each other now that we are out of school. We didn't think we could get more busy, but I guess it is possible. I made it through a week of him traveling for work; it was pretty painful and it is hard to imagine that he will have to travel around 30% of the time. Jane hates to see Cody go in the morning and is so happy when he arrives home. I feel the same, but I have had plenty to do. We are officially in our new home. It was a lot of work moving. Thankfully our apartment was not too hard to move out from since we had very little brought up and we only lived there for three months. Many people from Cody's work and from church helped us move everything over. I have most everything where I want it now. We bought our first washer and dryer, a new tv stand and a recliner for me and baby. (Cody has been using it the most though.) We have a basement, an upstairs and a two car garage now, so we are loving more space. We do miss our view at the apartment though. 
New tv stand! 
My new recliner.

Other than moving, I have been physically and mentally preparing to have a baby. I am 38 weeks now and ready to have baby anytime. I have a doula and I have been really grateful for that. She has given me some great reading material and I can already tell she will be a great support during the birth. Cody is also gearing up, and he is my number one  through it all. 
Jane is very aware that a baby is coming. She seems to be very excited and I have decided to get her a gift "from the baby" so she feels very included. I am going to get her a new baby doll with accessories that will allow her to feel like she is taking care of a baby too. Jane is a very strong-willed girl and can be a challenge to reason with sometimes. Most of the time she is very helpful and patient though. I have had to consciously make efforts to spend time with her since we have been so busy moving and preparing for baby. She has a lot of great friends here and talks well and often when she isn't being shy all the sudden. 
Other than that, we hope to be able to announce the safe arrival of Maurie Lu and report my good health and birth experience soon. 

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