Friday, October 24, 2014

My Angels

So, survival has been possible through the love and help of Cody, his parents, my mom and so many other people!

We so enjoyed having our parents to visit us in Wisconsin. Cody was able to take a week off from work to help me right after the baby was born. Cody has been super dad lately. He cooks meals, cleans, hold baby, plays with Jane, and runs errands and really does anything I ask of him. Seriously couldn't do what I am doing without him.

After Cody's week was up, thankfully Cody's parents arrived to help. My mother-in-law cleaned my entire house, cooked meals, played with Jane, got her to preschool and held the baby (Papa helped with driving and the baby too). It was a huge help. We also got to go out a few times. We went to a nearby park, the Houdini Museum, and High Cliff State Park. A good friend of ours also took them to pick some apples. They were able to stay for 10 days and I cried when they left. Jane asked about Grandma and Papa for a long time after they left.

A couple weeks later, Cody had to go to Ohio for a work trip, so I asked my mom to come to help me during that time. I am sooo grateful she was with me. She, too, cleaned, helped with meals, held baby and played with Jane. I got a lot of things on my list done and caught up on laundry. We had an "adventure" going to Walmart together; it involved Maurie having a diaper blowout, spending an extended period of time in a Walmart bathroom, me throwing a fit, buying a new outfit, Maurie crying, and me breastfeeding in the Walmart parking lot. On a more positive note, I was also able to host preschool at my house and our Fall Kickoff. I could not have done any of this without her. Because the weather was bad and Maurie can't handle being out too long, we were only able to go to High Cliff State Park to view the changing leaves and Lake Winnebago. There was a stretch of the drive that left my mom and me breathless...bright yellow leaves mixed with rich browns of the tree trunks made the woods look like they were on fire.  I wish my mom could have stayed longer and done more while she was here, but she said she came to be with us. I was able to drop her off at the airport and get my cry in on the way home. I am so thankful for the mothers that have given so much already and continue to give so much. I am so blessed. I will post about the Fall Kickoff in another post.

Then, there are the angels (other friends from my church) that have helped me with watching Jane, meals and emotional support and encouragement from the very beginning. I have been so humbled by all the help. It makes me feel like I can't be grateful enough. My thank yous don't seem sufficient. All I can do is vow to pay it forward!

Photos to come.

Sincerely and gratefully,


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