Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Family History in Pictures

Grandma trying to balance at the Houdini Museum. Houdini started out in the low rung circus acts.
Grandpa's turn.
Cody displaying his magical touch.
Jane and me are locked behind bars. Houdini would embarrass law enforcement by breaking their locks with ease.
Jane is on stage about to show us how to disappear in this box. 
Cody was a champion and carried the baby around because we forgot the stroller.
About to take a hike at High Cliff State Park
Grandpa and Cody walking through the "deep dark woods." Cody, a desert rat, gets nervous in thick trees like this.
Maurie's baby blessing. I am thankful for Cody. 
Cody took Jane to ride horses. He is obsessed with this picture because he is so excited to teach his girls how to ride.
Maurie Lu right after a bath. 
Jacob, Moses and Jane pretending to be sailing a ship across the ocean on Columbus Day. Preschool is going well.
Two of my favorite blondies...notice the beautiful fall leaves.
Grandma Panganiban and Jane at High Cliff State Park. 
Jane with her letter from Auntie Joanie.
Jane with Uncle Mckay's epic Halloween drawing.
Sleepy baby.
Fall has come and gone here in Wisconsin, but I still have my fall decorations to brighten my day.

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