Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Well, the cold has gone through the house. Cody stayed home one day last week because all three of us girls were sick. Even sweet Maurie has been battling a stuffy nose. With essential oils and the amazing nose sucker Nosefrida, she is on the mend and breathing better. Since Jane has started going to preschool, she has been bringing home sickness to our house. Her runny nose is really starting to bug me; it is in and out, along with a cough. Then last night Cody came home sick. He took some medicine, a hot bath and was in bed before seven. I started to think about how much I depend on Cody. I took care of both of the girls for the evening. Cody usually holds the baby or helps with dinner. He also helps with Jane and talks with me about our day. Without him, it was lonely and hard.

I also thought about how grateful I am for my healthy body. Life is already difficult when my body is functioning, but when it isn't, it is almost unbearable. As a mother, there are so many times that I want to be lazy because I am just tired, but I am just thankful I can move around to take care of my family and my home. I also have been thinking a lot about diet, exercise and stress. The last three and a half years I have done a poor job of all three. I ate out too often, exercised too little and stressed so much that it is amazing I am doing as well as I am now. So, I am going to tackle stress first; not that I am not going to try to have a balanced diet and exercise as well, but I want to focus on learning how to relax and "find my center."

Here is an article from the Huffington Post that I think has some great ways to  relieve stress. Click here.

Four that I would like to implement are:

1. "Go for a ten minute walk." Fresh air, exercise and time away from the house is a recipe for my relaxation.
2. "Pucker up." I can't remember the last time I made out with Cody...too long. ;)
3. "Watch a Viral Video"...LAUGH! Cody and I have had some tear-worthy laughs watching viral videos. Cody's sense of humor lends to these videos usually and I laugh at just about anything.
4.  "Step Away From the Screen" I need less blue-screen, TV, computer. First, I will have more time for the best things. Read a talk (article) about what the best things are here. Second, I will be less stressed, according to studies. Consider these words.

What helps you relax? Are there ones from the article you would like to try? Let me know.

Take care of yourself! Go find your inner peace and stay there as long as you can. I'm on my way now...turning the computer off to take a much needed nap.


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