Friday, November 21, 2014

Snow (too early) and the Christmas Spirit (never too early)

Well, Wisconsin has delivered on the snow and frigid temperatures. Today was the first day that I really didn't want to drive. It got slippery and I got nervous. Snow tires are on the list.

I got a new coat to fight the cold. It is a down Columbia coat that goes almost to my knees. I have noticed that almost everyone has a long coat. My friend that has lived here longer says it is a necessity. I took her word for it, but now I know for myself.

I am already planning a trip to California for my 10 year high school reunion in February because I know that the winter is going to last longer than I want it to. Speaking of trips, we have decided not to travel this Christmas. Being with family at Christmas is wonderful, but we started picturing flight delays, crying babies, more snow in Utah and a lot of money for traveling and decided it would be better to hibernate in our warm house and try to make more of our own Christmas traditions. I was starting to get stressed out about giving Christmas gifts and shopping and then I thought about the kind of traditions I want to have at Christmas. Although gift giving and shopping can be fun, I want to make thinking about Christ the most important tradition in our family. What traditions help you to focus on Christ during the Christmas season?

Since I am already talking about Christmas, I should mention that Thanksgiving is going to be a hit. We are celebrating with a family from our church. It is also my birthday on the 26th and then our 6th wedding anniversary on the 29th. The end of November is always a whirlwind and honestly I feel like I get cheated out of two celebrations because all three get bundled into one. Cody and I rarely celebrate my birthday and anniversary separately and then my birthday even lands on Thanksgiving sometimes...that is really the pits. Anyways, I think we are going to celebrate my birthday and anniversary a week early with a few hours without the girls. I really wanted to travel to Chicago to go to the temple and to have a nice dinner and outing, but it is just too hard with a new baby.

This video gave Cody and me a great laugh. Enjoy!

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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