Friday, December 19, 2014

On being Productive

Awhile ago a close friend of mine posted a picture of her house on Instagram. She deemed it a "real life" photo, or something like that. The living room had three little boys playing with toys strewn all over. I thought it was beautiful for some reason. My friend was embracing the moment instead of worrying about the mess that her sons and nephew were making. I mention this because the last couple of weeks I have embraced the mess. I have had Christmas presents to wrap, Christmas cards to send out, Christmas cookies to make and a Christmas wreath to finish. Ninety percent of the time my house is clean and organized, but I have realized that cleanliness and order does not always produce as much as a temporary mess can produce. I make a really big effort to have living spaces that allow my mind to be clear and a good feeling to be present, but the messes I have been making have resulted in making memories and making gifts for friends and loved ones. I think that is the key to enjoying the holiday season...embracing the moments with family and friends and producing as much goodness as you can. After sending all the Christmas gifts, wrapping all the gifts for my family, delivering cookie plates, mailing all the Christmas cards, finishing teaching preschool and hanging my new Christmas wreath, my house is back to normal, and I am ready to begin making new messes with Christmas around the corner. What kind of "messes" have you been making? I am sure the results were, or will be, beautiful!

Merry Christmas!


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