Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fumes and Gratitude

I am running on fumes. Maurie cut two teeth on the bottom and her sleeping patterns are not normal. It is not quite as bad as the first two months of feeding her in the night, but I feel like I need a nap all the time. That desperate feeling of wanting to lay down but also knowing there are so many things to be done is overwhelming sometimes, but I have thankfully stayed healthy through all the fevers, throwing up, runny noses and coughs. It is a good thing when at least one person is spared the sickness so they can take care of everyone else. 

Also, Cody's car quit on him this last Friday so we are back to one car. I have felt the way I do when I lose water or power...grateful. I still have one working car and I would say that having one vehicle is a first world problem. So, although taking Cody to work and picking him up is not convenient, I can and we have the funds to fix his car or get a new one. 

So, to every rainstorm there can be a rainbow.

"Count your many blessings name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord hath done."


Tuesday, January 20, 2015


As much energy as she takes, she gives. Maurie Lu, I love you!
I have a new love...YOGA. I feel like someone has been hiding yoga from me all these years. All the ladies 18 and up at my church get together monthly for an activity and this time a certified yoga instructor came to teach us healthy living and yoga. The instruction on healthy eating was a great reminder and I have been doing really well eating whole foods, but the yoga is what changed me. Somewhere between the downward dog and the guided meditation I forgot I had two children and a husband at home. I felt like someone had handed me a free bag of positive energy. I felt renewed and relaxed. For the first time in a long time I was breathing in the moment. My mind was calm and I didn't think about anything in particular. I was very disappointed when another woman there tapped me and told me Cody was out in the hall with a crying baby waiting to speak to me. I felt like someone had interrupted something very important and I was anxious to get back. I wanted yoga to last a lot longer! I should have hugged the yoga instructor (she was awesome) for giving me this new gift.

So, yesterday, after eating a nutritious breakfast, I went to Walmart in search of a way to get that feeling back and loose the pregnancy flab. Walmart kindly had all that I needed in a center aisle on sale. At first I was a little bothered that they anticipated me and the masses making New Year's resolutions to start exercising, but then I decided to just be happy it was on sale. =) I bought yoga-ish pants and shirt, yoga mat and three yoga DVDs. I would much rather join a live class, but for now while my baby is so young, this will work. My name is Lucy Bowman and I have a goal of being healthy. My definition of health goes far beyond loosing weight; I want to be whole in mind, body and spirit. I will be doing a post on my favorite healthy foods, supplements and exercises soon.

What do you do to stay healthy?

Eat your greens and move around!


Green Bay Packers

I spy a gigantic football in the background. Super cool!
Our tour guide and the holy field. Cool fact-- when it snows, the team pays I think around 300 people to come shovel all the snow out of the stadium and onto the field to be pushed out the exit.
We went inside right after this because it was so cold!
The tunnel the players run out of.
I don't know why these pictures are so blurry, but this was a good trip. Outside of being late to the tour, having to breastfeed Maurie in McDonalds, and nearly freezing to death, it was fun. Haaa. After I list those things, you would think we didn't have fun at all. 
We really did enjoy learning about the team. I loved that they entered the NFL for $250 and that the team is owned by its fans. We had shareholders in our group so the tour guide said we could tell people we went on a tour of Lambeau Field with the owners. Truly, with dreams, money from devoted fans and a high tolerance for freezing temperatures this team has an amazing history and lots of potential. We live 30 minutes from Green Bay and the fans here are die-hard. I feel compelled to buy clothing with the team logo because if you go out on game day and you are not sporting the green and yellow, someone will question your loyalty. My confession: I have never watched the Packers play. The only team I paid attention to growing up was the San Francisco 49ers because I grew up in California, but I am actually sad the Packers lost the playoff game on Sunday, and I hope to actually watch them play in person someday. 

What is your favorite sports team? Why? 



Holidays 2014

It has been a good break.

Mexican potluck and caroling with friends here in Wisconsin.
Delivering cookie plates
Christmas Eve seven layer bean dip and crackers and chicken salad
Christmas morning
Jane got sick
New Years Eve pansit (traditional Filipino dish) I went to bed at 9:30 pm with the girls. Cody made it until midnight.
A day in Green Bay...tour of Lambeau Field--the home of the Green Bay Packers.

Although these are the things we did, the best part of the break for me was having Cody home for so long. Almost everything we did, we did together. While we were spending time together we talked a lot about goals we have for the coming year and in the future. We have dreams of owning a home and land soon, paying off school loans, being more prepared temporally and spiritually and doing more for others.

I had a day of daydreaming over the break too. I had some business ideas and discussed them with my brother. He encouraged me and I started to really look into it. That day I wasn't attentive to my family and I saw a difference in the quality of the day. I am reminded time and time again that I need to focus on my family. It is really hard sometimes to delay my ambitions to care for my family, and I will continue to be reminded not to kick against the pricks. I have so many more things I want to do in my life, but I have found that when I push my agenda, life gets harder than it needs to be. Cody has said that if I am not stressed out with a full schedule I am not happy, but I can report that I have been doing very well being stressed out raising two little girls....just kidding...I am not always stressed out.  In all seriousness though, I do feel like I am not doing enough being a mom. It sounds so terrible as I consider it, but I do feel that way. I have a Masters degree in English and I have not specifically used it as of yet. I keep telling myself that I will, but I still feel like I am letting myself off too easily. Can I do more? The honest answer is yes. I know I can do more because I did more when Jane was little. I was working, going to school, fulfilling my church calling, raising my daughter, helping Cody with his schooling and trying to fit in everything else somewhere AND I was STRESSED. I had a sore on my mouth (I know, gross. I thank Cody for that curse) every three months and went to bed with a migraine weekly; I was a mess most of the time and I was counting down the days when I could slow down and have some stability. So the other honest answer is no, I can't do more. I choose to enjoy Maurie's sweet tiny face and her smallest achievements, prepare healthy meals for my family, enjoy my hour of "quiet time" each day and be okay with writing on my blog as my publishing accomplishment. I will do all that I can do to accomplish my goals without sacrificing my best goal of raising a happy, healthy family and being happy and healthy myself. I hope that if there is a mom out there feeling like they are not enough, they will remember what really matters. The world doesn't always value mothers, but that does not mean it is not important. Actually, there are a lot of important things that the world does not value anymore.

I'm sorry that I always start talking about being a mom, but that is what I am right now. Enjoy your day!


Monday, January 12, 2015

Short and sick

Jane and Maurie are sick. 
Maurie rolled over.
Cody is super busy at work.
I have a lot I want to write about, but not the time.
Hope all is well wherever you are.
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