Tuesday, January 20, 2015


As much energy as she takes, she gives. Maurie Lu, I love you!
I have a new love...YOGA. I feel like someone has been hiding yoga from me all these years. All the ladies 18 and up at my church get together monthly for an activity and this time a certified yoga instructor came to teach us healthy living and yoga. The instruction on healthy eating was a great reminder and I have been doing really well eating whole foods, but the yoga is what changed me. Somewhere between the downward dog and the guided meditation I forgot I had two children and a husband at home. I felt like someone had handed me a free bag of positive energy. I felt renewed and relaxed. For the first time in a long time I was breathing in the moment. My mind was calm and I didn't think about anything in particular. I was very disappointed when another woman there tapped me and told me Cody was out in the hall with a crying baby waiting to speak to me. I felt like someone had interrupted something very important and I was anxious to get back. I wanted yoga to last a lot longer! I should have hugged the yoga instructor (she was awesome) for giving me this new gift.

So, yesterday, after eating a nutritious breakfast, I went to Walmart in search of a way to get that feeling back and loose the pregnancy flab. Walmart kindly had all that I needed in a center aisle on sale. At first I was a little bothered that they anticipated me and the masses making New Year's resolutions to start exercising, but then I decided to just be happy it was on sale. =) I bought yoga-ish pants and shirt, yoga mat and three yoga DVDs. I would much rather join a live class, but for now while my baby is so young, this will work. My name is Lucy Bowman and I have a goal of being healthy. My definition of health goes far beyond loosing weight; I want to be whole in mind, body and spirit. I will be doing a post on my favorite healthy foods, supplements and exercises soon.

What do you do to stay healthy?

Eat your greens and move around!


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