Wednesday, February 4, 2015


So dreams do come true; we got a minivan. 😜 I had to laugh because I told a friend of mine that we got a van and she responded with pity. She vowed never to drive a van and she hasn't. I, on the other hand, have wanted one for about a year now. Our van's name is Minty and she will be good to us...or else. My favorite things so far are the sliding doors and the taller seats and view.

Presenting Minty, a 2006 Toyota Sienna.
I will try to add a picture of the girls in their car seats too. This is also an announcement that number three is on the way. 

Just kidding! Only in my nightmares. Jane has been talking about her two brothers and I dreamt that I had twin boys and I couldn't breastfeed them at the same time. I don't take Jane's talk of siblings too seriously because she has an  imaginary friend/alter ego she calls her granddaughter. No amount of explaining can convince her that she cannot have a granddaughter, so we just go with it.

Anyways, I have been getting migraines again and feeling depressed. I am out of my elixir of life a.k.a. liquid vitamins, and I think my body is chewing me out for not giving it the goods. As for exercise, I have got one more "half" session of yoga in at home. The best thing was that Cody did it with me and gained some respect for yoga. I laughed inside when he did some of the poses. I'm no picture of grace either, so I say that with no judgement. Also, I went to a mommy and baby yoga session. All I can say is that bringing baby to yoga does not allow the energy of the universe to get to you. Maurie was done being there before we even got started really. It was a good idea in theory. 

We are looking forward to a family vacation the beginning  of March to the Dells. It is home to the biggest indoor water parks. I am considering going swimming fully clothed since I am afraid of putting on a bathing suit after just having a baby four months ago. Despite my misgivings for wearing a bathing suit, I am so excited to spend time with my family in a fun, different setting. 

I did finally get to the dentist after 10+ years. I should be embarrassed that it has been that long, but all I needed was a cleaning. I have still never had a cavity! 

Wow, as I write what is on my mind I am reminded why I need some directon for my posts. I am going to get organized and have blog post themes for each month. I will now end this random post with a question...

Like my mini van makes me feel like I have arrived at midlife, what reminds you of your age or stage of life?

Have a cheery day!



  1. Loved this post! Makes me smile :) I remember when Sean and I took a yoga class together, it was hilarious! So not the serene calm feeling you're supposed to have. We laughed and laughed. I'm sure the other people in our class hated us.

    1. It is definetly harder to be serious when your spouse does it with you. I think if I could see myself when I did it I would be laughing. Thanks for commenting Shannon! :)


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