Friday, March 6, 2015

Jane's Birthday

Jane turned four years old! We hosted a tea party-themed birthday party. It did not go the way I pictured, but I think the kids had fun. Jane dressed up in a pretty pink dress and white cardigan and was very excited about all the tea sets. I collected mini tea sets that were themed when I was young, and I have saved them all these years so that I could share them with my daughters. I made chocolate cupcakes with strawberry frosting at Jane's request and we had apple juice as our tea and ate "tea" cookies. I spent so much time trying to create a photo backdrop to take fun "photo-booth" pictures that I did not plan games very well. The photo backdrop didn't turn out as well as I had hoped either. Overall, I didn't have enough fun activities and I am pretty sure the photos didn't turn out like I hoped. Thankfully, four year olds are not big critics of birthday parties, so only I came out of the experience frustrated. We did do some dancing, duck-duck goose, and a relay game. After this party I have decided that we will do family birthday parties unless there is something really specific and simple that my child asks for. I got really stressed out about the party and was pretty disappointed afterwards--and Jane would not have known the difference had I not thrown a party. I get pretty grandiose ideas that are hard to pull off for people with a lot more time and money than I do. I will post pictures of the party once I get them downloaded from my camera.

More importantly I wanted to highlight Jane a little. Jane has a gregarious personality. She is loves being around friends and has a wild imagination. Jane likes to make-believe Frozen scenes or scenes from Sophia the First. She has gotten used to quiet time and I love to hear her playing in her room. It has been very healthy for both of us to have this time. Jane is very loving and affectionate. She gives hugs and kisses all the time to Cody, me and Maurie. She is learning volume control right now and runs around the house like the furniture and open space is an open jungle gym. She stops moving only when she is sleeping or when she is watching a favorite show or movie. Jane is mostly helpful and obedient. It is when she has a lack of food and sleep coupled with over-stimulation that a less composed Jane emerges. Jane forgives me so quickly when I have lost my temper or have not checked my emotions. She recognizes when I am not feeling well or if I am stressed out and tries to help.  I also appreciate her energy and determination. I fear I will not be able to show her how to handle her impatience since I still struggle with this. I am so grateful Jane came to our family. I told Jane about the day she was born and about her birth. I think I will do that on my children's birthday every year. Jane was the perfect person to come to us at the time she came. I love you Jane Bowman.

Have you ever had a child's birthday party go south? What is most distinct about your firstborn?

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