Wednesday, December 2, 2015

November Already Done?

25 weeks

Getting back from the Christmas parade 

Cody and the girls after the Christmas parade

Apple Pie-The desserts did turn out good!

Deviled eggs--a family tradition

Jane at her Halloween carnival at school

Cody coerced me into wearing a hideous hippy costume for the ward Halloween Trunk or Treat. Cody's wig was cool though. 

Jane as a witch. She loves to sing the "I'm a Mean Old Witch with a Hat" song. 

Trick or Treating on Halloween night
I have not had the time nor the energy to write lately, but I can see that time is passing and nothing is being written. I find that it is easier to post to Instagram than it is to write a post on my blog, but I love having a more comprehensive record, so I will keep writing.

October is way past and November flew by as it does every year.

October: I have just added some photos from around Halloween time. It was cold the night of Halloween and we just threw away the rest of the candy because Jane was asking for it everyday! I am glad that Jane didn't have the energy to go to too many houses. I ate way too much candy and Maurie had only Tootsie pops because she is allergic to everything else. I liked it better when I couldn't have anything because I was breastfeeding.


Christmas Parade was a hit. It was super cold and we didn't make it to the very end, but both the girls had fun! The only pictures we got were when we just got home. I wish I would have taken some photos of the floats and marching bands.

Thanksgiving: Props to my mom and all the people out there that make their own full Thanksgiving meal! We made our own dinner this year. I have made parts of a Thanksgiving dinner, but not the whole thing, so it was a great challenge and learning experience. I stayed up late the night before Thanksgiving to make pumpkin pies and an apple pie. This was done in an effort to free up the oven for the turkey, rolls and green bean casserole. Well, the day came and since it was also my birthday I ended up talking on the phone with family and neglecting to put the turkey in earlier. We didn't eat until 3:30pm. When the red button popped on the turkey, indicating that it was done, we all literally cheered out loud and gave each other high fives. We quickly carved enough turkey to eat and sat down to the rest of our meal that was essentially all reheated since it had been done all day. =) Cody made the rolls and as he was kneading the dough I looked over and wondered what had gone wrong because none of the dough was sticking together. We looked over the recipe and he had forgotten two eggs. He was a bit dejected at first and suggested he start over, but I suggested we just add them anyway. Thankfully after adding the eggs the consistency straightened out and we were able to make them. They were more brown than I like, but we were not willing to make another batch, so we ate them all. As you can see, we learned a lot that we will remember for next Thanksgiving, but at the end of it all we had a great feast that tasted delicious. Jane barely touched her food and Maurie wasn't terribly excited about any of the meal either. Such is life.
After our dinner we took our desserts to a friends house, ate treats, wrote down what we were thankful for and shared, and played games. We played an Eternal Companions Trivia game that was fun. It went a lot better than the first couples game Cody and I played right after we got married. It takes quite a bit to hurt Cody's feelings and the first time we played a couples game I unintentionally really hurt his feelings. Despite our past bad experience, we gave the game a try and it ended up being really fun. My kids played with our friends' kids and watched a movie. It was a great way to end the day. We are always grateful for the wonderful family away from family that we have here in Wisconsin.

My birthday: I am thirty years old now. It feels wrinkles and stiff knees old. I think everyone experiences those birthdays where they actually start to feel the age they are. This one was one of those.
Cody bought me some new Miller glasses since I lost one pair and Jane broke the other. I was able to talk to most of my family on the phone and I had many more family and friends wish me a happy birthday. It was a lovely day.

Our anniversary: We celebrated seven years of marriage by getting a babysitter so we could see the last Hunger Games. We laughed on our way there because we have watched Hunger Games for our anniversary or my birthday four out of the seven years we have been married. I am glad the trilogy is over so we can start a new, more engaging tradition for our anniversary celebration. I liked the movie, but I was terribly disappointed with the "horror" previews that came before the movie. I literally had my eyes closed nearly the entire time the previews were on and I wanted to plug my ears too, since scary music is almost as bad as the scary images. What is with them showing demonic previews at a PG-13 movie? Not cool. I even wrote a review on the movie theatre website.
Despite the previews, Cody and I enjoyed being out together without the girls.  I am glad to still be married, and I can only see it getting better and better. I am thankful he is my sweetheart for eternity. He continues to love me and serve me everyday. We shared our favorite memories of each other this past year too. You should try that on your anniversary; it is fun to look back at the happy memories you made together.

December will be filled to the brim as well, which I love. Christmas parties, travel, my brother's wedding and seeing family and friends. I am super excited and will make a better effort to post more frequently.

Quick update on baby #3: Still no name...Cody will be naming this baby, and I am pretty sure she will be born without a name picked out. If you have any good name suggestions that I can send his way, let me know. =)

I just finished a really good book--Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth. If you are pregnant, you should read it. It has moved up to my top three books about pregnancy and childbirth.

I was also able to go baby registry shopping with a friend this month too, and I was surprised at how many things we have accumulated over time. Before we went shopping, I made a list of things for her to consider buying/registering, and if anyone ever needs a list, I have one I can send you.

Baby girl is already head-down, and I am about 26 weeks pregnant at this point. She punches and kicks A LOT. I also feel a lot of energy/anticipation with this baby. I think she is very eager to get to Earth and get things started. I didn't feel that as much with my previous pregnancies.

I hope all of you are well and that your holidays have been and will be joyful! Until next time.


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