Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A New Me

I came home from my trip early and it has been a really great thing because...

1. I really appreciated when my husband came home and realized how much he does to help me keep sane.

2. I got some time to relax without the routine of school and other demands.

3. I was more ready to start the new year.

I did have to deal with Jane being sick when we got back, but it was 24 hours, so it didn't last very long. I struggled to cope with taking care of the girls on my own, but it really was good for me to start asking myself some hard questions.

I gave the lesson in Relief Society (a woman's organization at my church). Two of the questions in the talk that I used for the lesson were "Am I truly happy?" and "Are my efforts leading me to the highest spiritual goals and values of life?" (Talk titled "It Works Wonderfully!") I took a good long hard look at myself and I knew that something had to change or I would continue feeling stagnant in my personal growth. I received some impressions about what I should be doing, what things I needed to improve on and or cut out of my life. I need to be reading God's word with purpose, praying more sincerely, cutting out phone and computer wandering, and doing things that bring me joy and peace personally so that I can offer more to my family.

Then I read another conference talk,  "What Lack I Yet?" This talk spoke straight to my heart. I remember being impressed by this talk when I listened to it the first time, but it was very powerful to study it as I read it. I am so thankful that I can get direction on what I should be doing. I have received more powerful impressions about ways that I can improve. I won't give you all the details, but I can tell you that I have started 2016 better than I have in a long time. I think it helps that I am preparing for a baby...nesting!

Here are a few things that I have been doing that have invigorated me and helped me to feel more prepared for the new year:

1. I planned our family home evening lessons and activities for the year.
2. I organized my desk area, pantry and finances.
3. I have been reading and studying general conference talks everyday.
4. We made cookie plates and delivered them to neighbors.
5. I created a chore chart for Jane and have the prize waiting for her when she accomplishes her goals.
6. I have done my dishes everyday at lunchtime instead of waiting for them to pile up.
7. I have created meal menu options that I can reference.
8. I have written down the things that I want to accomplish each day in my task manager on my phone.
9. I have stayed away from social media and began projects that have been on my list.
10. I spent time talking with my husband about my personal goals and our goals as a family.

What have you done this new year that has helped you?

I hope you are enjoying a hopeful and meaningful new year!



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