Friday, February 19, 2016

Countdown and Projects


Feeling pregnant!

I am celebrating 38 weeks of pregnancy. I am kind of joking about celebrating...heartburn and being generally uncomfortable 24/7 is not much to celebrate, but I am very close to having a sweet new baby in the house and that is worth celebrating. We had a false alarm the other day when I was leaking two nights in a row; I was thinking that it might be my water breaking. Thankfully it wasn't. It was enough to get me motivated to pack my birth center bags and get more prepared, just in case baby comes a little early though.

Today, two more ladies I know had their babies. Once everyone else starts having their babies that have due dates near me, I get even more eager to welcome birth.

I feel pretty ready. One nice thing about having babies close together is that you don't forget all of the rigors of birth and motherhood. I have no false impressions about how hard it is going to be. Three and half years between Jane and Maurie left me forgetting what things were like.

I am especially curious to see how Maurie responds to having a baby around. Jane is excited to be a sister again and has told me that she will be my big helper. She watched a great episode of Daniel Tiger where he gets a new baby sister and becomes the helper. (Have I ever said how much I love Daniel Tiger? There is a Daniel Tiger musical coming to the Performing Arts Center here in Appleton that I would love to take Jane to. It is the day after her birthday too.) Cody is ready to get things going with baby as well, but I laugh when I see him carrying Maurie and Jane around. He is going to be a very popular man. Thankfully we have a Lillebaby carrier now, so he may be able to carry all three at any given time. Ha! I also bought another infant car seat (we will have two infant car seats in the van), more nursing bras and Honest Company shampoo and body wash. Of course diapers and few other essentials are still on the list, but everything else I already have.

Anyways, I have been cleaning and organizing for baby, but I get frustrated because as soon as I am done cleaning and organizing I just want baby to come so I don't have to start all over the next week. Has anyone else felt this way as baby's arrival nears? It really would be nice to have baby come when I am ready, but thankfully the baby, and God, know when everything should happen. I am ready to focus on baby, have my husband home and hibernate until spring comes. ;)

Jane and Maurie have followed Cody and me in sickness. Yesterday I took them both to the doctor. Maurie's oxygen levels were low and she was showing signs of difficulty breathing. Thankfully we were able to give her a nebulizer treatment and her levels went up. She has been doing a little bit better since then, even with her terrible cough and fever. Jane has fared just fine outside of a cough. I am looking forward to everyone at our house being healthy so baby can avoid unnecessary exposure to illnesses.

I have done a few new things. I need to perfect the art of sharing how I do things through photos and explanation, but until I do, here are the only pictures I did take. I made--and will be making more-- burp rags and we also attempted making our own yogurt, with success!
Super easy to make...with some help from Cody. ;) Cody truly is better at sewing than me.

This is the yogurt draining through a cheese cloth, making it Greek yogurt. Thank you Connie for the recipe.

We finally hung up a few pictures in the dining room. I also painted a large mirror that we hung in the dining room and and finished painting our stairwell and touched up some other wall spaces with paint. We were terribly disappointed when we got out the paint and realized that most of it had frozen in the garage. We have transferred it to the basement since, but I am very sad if the cans of paint that were not even ever opened are ruined. Paint is too expensive!

Anyways, I hope everyone is well and has something to look forward to during this winter. I have noticed that since I have lived in places that have long winters, I have to give myself something to look forward to or winter feels unbearable at time. If you live in a warm place where the sun is shining right now, enjoy it for me! 

Lucy Bowman

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Martian and Antibiotics

We have been very sick at our house. Cody missed two days of work and ended up with antibiotics for strep throat. I was not feeling well, but being 36 weeks pregnant, I wanted to see if I could beat it without prescriptions. Nope. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a sinus infection and strep. I am on antibiotics now and I am finally feeling a bit better. Jane has battled flu symptoms on and off for weeks and Maurie has fared pretty well, other than some sleepless nights.

One of the days that it snowed all day, we were all at home hibernating and feeling miserable. We decided to watch a movie. We watched The Martian with Matt Damon in it. I wanted to read the book because it came highly recommended, but I wanted to see the film too. Anyways, as we watched the movie, I remembered wanting to be an astronaut at about eight years old. The NASA program was still very strong and I desperately wanted to go to the Kennedy Space Camp in Florida. I remember looking at the pamphlet my teacher gave me over and over. I dreamed of experiencing zero gravity and being admired for being smart enough to be an astronaut. I discussed going to the camp with my mom, but I knew that we couldn't afford it. Later, I thought about space again when I got invited to a science conference for girls who excelled in math and science in middle school. The STEM careers lack women and still does. I felt like it would be really cool to pave the way for other girls. As most of you know, I took a different path, but I have a special place in my heart for those who have been smart enough and brave enough to enter the STEM careers.

The Martian movie was awesome and it confirmed to me that I would not have enjoyed being an astronaut despite my earlier interest. Space is far too vast...scary, and I have to admit that over time I lost confidence in my math skills and this would have expedited to my early death if I were left on Mars by myself =) You don't have to have had a childhood dream of flying into space to enjoy the film though. It was a great watch with humor, triumph and intensity. We watched it on VidAngel, which is an awesome site for streaming new movies from home. Check it out here.

Also, we enjoyed watching The War Room and Akeelah and the Bee while we were sick.

What careers did you fantasize about through your life? What good movies have you watched lately?

I hope you are enjoying good health and surviving, even enjoying winter.

Lucy Bowman

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