Saturday, March 19, 2016

Brooklyn Jo is Home!

Brooklyn Jo Bowman is here. She was born March 7, 2016. 
I was terribly anxious to have her come, but she had different plans. 
Here is her birth story. On Sunday morning my water broke or at least I thought it had. (I thought my water had broken two weeks earlier and it hadn't.) Labor did not begin so I tried to sleep and not cry from frustration. Monday morning Cody stayed home with me and we went to the midwife to check to see if my water had really broken. Thankfully, I was not crazy and it had indeed broken. She gave us our options and consulted with a nurse midwife. We could wait a little longer and try to get labor started naturally or we could go into the hospital and be induced. All my plans were to have the baby at Alba Birth Center, so I opted to wait and try to get things going. 

I took castor oil, used my breast pump to get some natural oxytocin flowing, took a brisk walk around the neighborhood and ate lunch. My good friend also came to get the girls at 11:30 am, so I was able to concentrate on having a baby. It was a beautiful day and as I walked in the sunshine, I told Brooklyn that she should come on a day like this one. After I ate, I started to get contractions 30-40 seconds apart and lasting 30-40 seconds. They were strong and I knew that labor was in full swing. We got to the birth center at 1:30 pm. I labored in the room while the tub was filled. I was dilated to a five and 50% effaced at this point. 

Once the tub was filled, I got in and the rushes were getting stronger and closer together. At one point my doula suggested I get out to use the restroom and help labor get along, but I knew that I didn't need to. I wasn't leaving the tub and it is a good thing I didn't. After I got into the tub, it was no longer than 45 minutes before Brooklyn Jo was in my arms. She was my largest baby so far at 8 pounds 11 ounces. Her head was a challenge to birth, as all heads usually are. ;) The midwife teased that she crowned and then I had to birth the cheeks. She had bruising and swelling on her sweet face from the ordeal. When she was born, I cried. I should say, sobbed when she was born. Millions of emotions were rushing through me and sobbing was about the only way to express them all at the same time. Relief, joy, pain, shock, more joy--these are the emotions that I can name, but there are many more emotions that I don't think have names in times like the birth of your child. 

She had a hard time breathing at first. We had to rub her back and I didn't even look at her at first because I was so concerned about her breathing. It probably wasn't very long that she struggled, but it felt like a very long time! Just as the midwife was going to assist her breathing, she began breathing on her own. Thankfully, she had good color and tone.  I had to get out the birthing tub faster than normal so that the midwife could access her more easily. It was a big tub and it was no walk in the park to get out. The first thing I asked for when I got out was water and my Ibuprofen. I had not forgot about the after-birth pains from Maurie's birth. I had not forgotten much of anything from Maurie's birth actually.

Brooklyn Jo latched well and has eaten and slept well from the very start. She has a lot of dark hair and blue eyes. Her hair has already begun to lighten, so we are not sure what color it will end up.  She is a loud sleeper and had trouble with breathing for the first bit, but she really has been an angel baby. I am so thankful because I have two very active little girls to try to keep up with, so if she were to be less than an angel I know it would be really hard. She was born at 3 pm ( labor start to finish was two hours and my mantra of "two will bring anew" was fulfilled) and we were home by 8:30 pm. My friend kept the girls overnight and that was so lovely to have a night to bond with the baby. Jane has been very loving and understanding. Maurie has had her jealous moments, but overall, she adjusting well. She has had an opportunity to bond with Cody these past few weeks. Maurie has been teething lately, so nights are long and tiring, but we are making it. 

I have recovered well. One perk of having babies close together is that not much shocks you because, like I said, you have not forgotten much. Breastfeeding still hurts, but I was prepared for that. I still use the blessed nipple shield, and I probably will until I am done breastfeeding. The options are use the nipple shield or use formula. My midwife is convinced that I have nerve issues. I know...too much information. 

Cody has been home for nearly two weeks and it has been heavenly to have him home. He has made delicious meals and most of the time has brought them to me upstairs so I don't have to go up and down. He has fed the girls, played with them, got Jane to preschool and still helped me with the baby in the nights. He has been so unselfish and kind, and I am so thankful for him. I feel so blessed to have his love and support. I have been able to rest and recover so much faster because he has taken care of me so well. Cody had to go into work one day this week and it was difficult, but I have had dear friends bring meals and gifts to our home, take pictures of the baby(all of the photos you see were taken by the talented Bailey Taylor), and help watch my other girls. I am so thankful to everyone!

Cody had a birthday in the mix of having a new baby. He went with some friends to hit baseballs at some batting cages and get some ice cream. Our friends helped him to have a fun evening by helping to arrange the activities and watching the girls. Again, I am so thankful for wonderful friends.

We are getting used to having another little girl in the family. We are so happy she is here. We look forward to having my mom and Cody's parents visit in a few weeks. I have a week and three days before my mom arrives and Cody will be back to work. Wish me luck!

Check out the rest of the photos! Again, thank you Bailey Taylor for capturing these moments that are gone so quickly!

Lucy Bowman

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