Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Three is More than Two

All my help has come and gone. My lovely mother came for seven days. It was a wonderful time to just relax and talk. I was able to finish my third book, take naps, and visit with my mother as we did a few projects around the house and played with the girls. We also listened to conference together. It was a glorious visit for me and we mourned when she left. We did so little in terms of sight-seeing or anything like that. We went out to dinner one evening and I ended up in the van breastfeeding Brooklyn and we ventured to Target one day. My mom was completely satisfied with how little we went out because she acknowledged how stressful it was when we did go out. I thought that Brooklyn would be the hard one, but I was so wrong! Maurie is struggling with her new place and she is just at a hard age, even if there were not another brand new baby. She has no interest in sitting in a cart or stroller at a store and if she isn't allowed to wander she cries...loudly. At home she mostly is kind and gentle to the baby, but if I will not follow her when she grabs my finger, she starts to hit me and the baby. Even this evening, Cody came home and she was in melt-down mode until he held her, gave her 100% of his attention and fed her dinner. Then she was able to cope a little better with life. I feel for her and most days I really wish that I could spend more time with her. Thankfully, she and Jane play well together most of the time. 

My mother and father in law also came to visit and help. It was a pleasure to have them. They had not seen our new home, so we enjoyed showing them our home. We did go out a bit more while Cody was home. We took them to Union Star Cheese Factory and out to breakfast. They came to church with us and we blessed Brooklyn Jo. They went to tour a dairy that was completely run with robots as well with a couple from our church. We ate well and had a special family home evening listening to Grandma and Grandpa tell us their story of courtship and marriage. We are so grateful for their love and example. Both my mother and my mother-in-law helped so much with the baby, the girls and keeping my house clean and organized.

So, since I have been on my own with three children I have learned a few things...
1. It is better to focus on what I can do that instead of what I can't do. 
2. Routines may be boring, but they are my survival. Naps are everything!
3. Food and sleep can make most things better...for me and my kids.
4. I can do hard things. 
5. Sometimes the errand I need to run is not worth the trouble it is to run with three kids.
6. I have learned to slow down and accept each moment as it comes. Forcing or rushing things makes the situation much worse. 
7. Appreciate everything my husband does.
8. Take time with my other children.
9. I have less time, but I am also more organized with my time. There is no time to waste. 
10. Love the small moments of cuddling, laughing, talking or playing that come with each child. I have gained a deeper appreciation for those special moments as I realize that my children are only going to get bigger and those moments will be gone quickly. 

I am grateful for the time I have had to write a little and reflect on my life with three little ones. If you are looking for inspiration on how to enjoy and embrace motherhood, the blog thesmallseed.com is featuring how to find grace in motherhood. Check it out. There first feature is on a mom and author of Discover Christ in the Details of Motherhood: Everyday MOMents, Jessica Poe. 

I look forward to celebrating the mothers in my life and appreciating the mothering I get to do in a few weeks. 


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