Friday, May 20, 2016

"Special" Days

Yesterday, I had the realization that Maurie has officially entered the stage that truly tests my patience, compassion and other amiable qualities. I went to do some laundry and when I came up from the laundry room (not much time had passed) Maurie was covered in black sticky mascara. She had gone up to my bathroom and retrieved it from underneath the sink and proceeded to eat it and smear it all over herself and her clothing. After I cleaned her up, I went to see what other damage had been done. On the way down the stairs she had smeared the mascara on my newly painted walls. I tried to clean it up, but I will most likely have to re-paint those areas. I tried to take a picture of her to help myself just laugh instead of get mad. She wouldn't hold still enough for me to get a good picture.

Throughout the rest of the day she spent half her time sitting on our kitchen stools in "time-out" for either hitting, screaming or destroying something. I love her so much. I really do, but when she naps and goes to bed, it feels like I am living life in a different gear. My blood pressure returns to normal and I feel like I can sit down.

Maurie is also in the emerging independence stage which I honor by letting her hair go uncombed until we go out, letting her roam the backyard with no shoes and generally staying out of her way until she screams. Seriously, this age is hilarious and maddening at the same time. They are the cutest little human beings, but they can literally and figuratively pack a punch. Sneakiness is also one of Maurie's weapons. I have caught her pinching Jane underhanded and silently taking out everything that is in any way tidy or organized. O look, there is something that mother just picked up; I'm going to dump it out and rip it up. Jane is looking at me wrong; I am going to slap her. Mom is breastfeeding Brooklyn; now I can eat this crayon without any interruption. These are some of the thoughts I imagine Maurie having throughout the day. ;)

Now, I have to acknowledge how sweet she is too. She gives hugs and kisses, runs to us when we come in the door, laughs even when she doesn't know something is funny, plays well with Jane and has learned how to be soft and sweet to her baby sister. Maurie is a normal 20 month old and she certainly makes up for her naughtiness with her sweet dimpled smile, generally serene personality and adorable little body. I pray I can offer her the space, boundaries and love she needs to grow, learn and be happy.

What do your "special" days look like?


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  1. "Mom is breastfeeding Brooklyn; now I can eat this crayon without any interruption." This gave me a good laugh. I needed that today. Keep it up! You're a great mom!


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