Thursday, July 21, 2016

Heart Full

All my girls are sleeping right now and I want to take a nap too, but my heart is too full of love and gratitude to sleep.

My girls are sleeping because it is the first time in the last seven days that we have stopped. My mom and sister came to visit this week and it was truly a wonderful visit. My mom and Joanie were so helpful with the girls and the house and we had a great time despite the chaos that is my life right now. I miss them both already, but more than anything I am grateful for such a special family! I feel so blessed to have family members in my life that are so loving, understanding and selfless. I want to be better because of my family!

I have to give a run-down of the fun-filled week we just had. I don't want to forget any of the memories that we made.

They arrived on Wednesday at 11:00 am and as is tradition in our family, we spent most of the rest of the day visiting. Joanie and my mom had brought little purses and a bunch of fun goodies as gifts for the girls. Jane and Maurie carried them around constantly until they became a reason to fight and we started to put them up high. Cody was able to visit with us for awhile before his business trip. We ate grilled chicken, potatoes, corn and a salad.

Grandma loves holding her grand babies!

On Thursday, we went downtown to listen to music, but missed it, so we went to the library and ended up going to a performance by David Stokes about animals and their habitats. It was a fun little presentation and we were able to see turtles, frogs, and feel different fur skins. We learned a lot of sign language too. "Not smart" When we got back we took naps and we were too tired to paint our canvases. We at pizza for dinner.

Jane did her own paintings while we painted our canvas.

On Friday, we got the girls down for a nap and did our oil painting on canvas. We had such a fun time watching Clive teach us some tricks and trying to imitate what came so easily for him. In the evening we went out to dinner without the girls. We went to Pullman's and sat on the patio near the Fox River. The food was nothing to brag about but we had a great time visiting. Then we went to Joanns to get stuff for embroidery. My sister Joanie makes beautiful embroidery pieces and she agreed to teach me.

Selfie in front of the restaurant

On Saturday we went to Point Beach State Forest in Two Rivers, WI. It took an hour to get there, but it was an okay time for the girls. When we got there we played in the sand and set up for our picnic lunch. The girls waded in the water and Maurie fell in, face first. Thankfully Joanie was close and quickly picked her up. Jane ended up playing with a little girl on the beach and baby was pleasantthe whole afternoon. Joanie took a short nap on the beach until we thought we lost Jane and woke her up to help find her. We stayed for about three hours and then headed home. When we got home we just relaxed and ate something simple and unmemorable since I can't remember. =)

On Sunday we attended church and had our family's traditional tacos. We stayed up very late talking.

On Monday we had a lazy morning and then had a productive afternoon of making raspberry jam (7 pints) and cookies. For dinner we ate Fettuccine Alfredo for dinner.

On Tuesday, we went to High Cliff State Park where we took a short hike and climbed the tower to see Lake Winnebago. Later we had a BBQ outside and then we scrubbed our feet and hands with a homemade brown sugar scrub and then we painted nails. We set up beds in the living room and had a sleepover. When I say we, it ended up being the girls on the sleeping pads and my mom on the couch. Joanie, me and the baby made our way back up to our beds.

Nature Princess. Joanie made Jane a clover crown.

Buddies with Lake Winnebago in the background

Beautiful sight!

My girls love their auntie!
The whole crew
Setting up our "sleepover"

Today, we just relaxed and visited in the morning. We ate lunch together and then my mom and sister got ready to go. Maurie just woke up from her nap after we dropped my mom and sister off at the airport and she made me cry again because she kept looking for Joanie and Grandma. She looked in all the rooms of the house, even the garage and outside. She was really hurt and confused and it made my heart ache like it hasn't in a really long time. I truly ache to be close to my family. I am so thankful for the time we had though. I am so thankful that my mom and sister sacrificed time away from their husbands and their life to spend time with me and my girls.

It was a visit I will treasure all year and I hope they had as much fun as I did.

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