Sunday, September 25, 2016

Being 2

My sweet middle daughter turned two years old a few weeks ago. We had an ice cream cake and tried to make her feel special. This post is overdue, but I have pictures, so it is worth the delay. ;)

M is challenging us, as the majority of two year olds do. She takes her diaper off whenever she feels the need and goes to the "restroom" wherever it suits her. For example, the deck, the playroom, and on the side of the house. We have cleaned up some gory messes, and Cody even attempted to potty train her yesterday. It went well until she peed down his back on the couch, right after he asked her if she needed to go to the bathroom. We did use the timer and she did, in fact, sit on the toilet, but she never actually did anything on the pot.

She doesn't have the vocabulary to replace the screaming that has worked fairly well up until this point. She spends her days playing with whatever is around, asking for "TB" (television), crying because I won't let her watch TB and sitting on our kitchen stools or in her room for time-outs. She is very good at puzzles and spatial/visual activities.

She is very sweet with her baby sister and LOVES when Jane gets home. Jane is a lot more exciting than me and they love to romp around together. M is a feisty and loyal companion. I was told that during nursery there was a boy that was bothering the other kids and she went up to him and gave him a push. I don't condone pushing, but my daughter sticks up for her friends and is no push-over. She will figure out how to stick up for her friends without violence. LOL. She is good at cuddling and still sucks her thumb and holds her hair. She sleeps very well in her toddler bed and still takes an afternoon nap. She still calms me and grounds me, even in her fiery moments.

I love M so much, and I am so grateful that I get to be her mother. Cody says that she is my mini-me, and I hope she is glad about that someday. =)

Here are some pictures of my tremendous 2 year old. She will not hold still for photos, so you will notice that most of the pictures are action shots. These are good representations of her personality though.

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