Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Yearly Whirlwind


Well, I missed writing in October. Highlights include our annual fall kickoff, Halloween parties and the holiday dinner for Relief Society. Outside of that, I cannot think of much else.

Halloween prep

Just a momma and her baby

After they went Trick or treating.

One of our favorite sister missionaries went home. We will miss her. 

A picnic after Regional Conference.

Quick update on each of us.

Cody is super busy at work. He has a never-ending cycle of work, not enough sleep and coming home to help with the girls.

Jane seems to love Kindergarten. She is the Star of the Week this week so we sent a poster of photos of her to school yesterday and this week I will go into read to the class and bring a special snack on another day. She is loving it. She is sweet and bossy with her sisters.

Maurie is going through a phase right now...at least I hope it is a phase. She goes from giving hugs and kisses to pulling hair, hitting and screaming. I pray daily that I can help her deal with her intense emotions in a healthy way. I relate well to how she feels at times, and I want to model good coping skills. Some days go better than others.

Brooklyn continues to surprise us. She is nearly walking. She took a step yesterday. She is not even 9 months yet! She eats and  eats and  eats. She has moved onto regular table food, and I am truly astonished at how much she can down in one meal. She is so sweet and  rarely fusses. She has two top teeth and two bottom teeth. I love to feel her tiny head resting on my shoulder. She is a thumb sucker and sleeps like a champ.

Our whirlwind November week is coming to a close.

Thanksgiving: We did our own. Cody brined a chicken and we let it cook in the crockpot all day. It was delicious. I made the rest of the side dishes and pies we love. It was a relaxing day. Cody did play football in the morning and was sore for the rest of the weekend. The girls enjoyed running around together at the park while he played. Cody and I actually ate alone since the food finished while the girls were all taking naps. This never happens all at the same time, but we decided to cease the opportunity and eat in peace. We were very glad we did when they all woke up at the same time. Jane and I went shopping in the evening and found out quickly that crowds of crazy people are not our thing. We hid somewhere quiet until the madness had died down a bit and then spent too much time in a line for things I could have gotten two days later without the hassle. Am I the only one that is a sucker for the Black Friday deals? I get reeled in every time. It is the thrill of the deal more than the thrill of the thing I am buying. I will learn someday. ;) Despite the antics, Jane and I had some quality time to talk about what Christmas is about...

toys...just kidding. We discussed the joy of giving and Christ as the center of the holiday. She is actually old enough to get it now and she seems to be excited to have gifts that are "from" her to other family members.

My birthday: Cody did a great job of making me feel special. He had a note and gift for me in the morning and made me breakfast. We then went to see Disney's Moana at the movie theater as a family. We all enjoyed it. Then we bought a Nerf gun set and had a Nerf gun war at home. It was a lot of fun! Later that day the girls sang to me and I blew out candles on a fresh seven layer bean dip. I had many friends and family who wished me well. I am thankful for all of them! I am now 31 years old and it has not been a blow like 30 was. No crying this time.

Wedding anniversary: I reminded Cody last night that it was our anniversary today. He looked defeated and he said, "I just can't do it." LOL! One man can only handle so many important dates at a time. In the morning we shared our favorite memories from our wedding day. I think we have done this before, but each time it seems we remember something different. I got Cody a 1 hour massage and I have been texting him something I love about him on the hour all day. I'm not sure if he likes it, but I have enjoyed thinking about the things I love about him. I am a lucky woman.

I hope you are all well. Is anyone else doing the "Light of the World" challenge. I am looking forward to it.

Thanksgiving 2016

We were pretty excited about the chicken and the fact we had the time to take a selfie. Ha!

We also went to get a Christmas tree and set up Christmas decor. This was set up at the tree lot we went to. We usually cut down a fresh tree, but we didn't have the courage to take all the girls out into the cold this year.



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