Thursday, January 19, 2017

Little by little...

So, during the Christmas break I was able to do a few projects that I want to share with you.

First, I knew that I wanted to make the living room more comfortable and applicable to my kids, so I added a book shelf for their books and a table for their puzzles and coloring.

The second was a headboard that I made. My sister Joanie and her husband came to visit just last week and I was very eager to make a few improvements to the guest bedroom. The first of these improvements was a headboard for the queen bed. It really does make a room look more polished when there is a headboard. I documented the process. I got this idea from the book I reviewed last post, Young House Love.
We have had a kid table for a long time that had Lalaloosey theme. I didn't love that so I finally got to re-upholstering the top and chairs. Super easy with a staple gun and some plastic covered fabric.

Cody built me some shelves for the living room for the kid books. We have kept the kid books in the basement and I wanted them more accessible. The girls read more now that they are upstairs and they can see the covers!

Cody made me a frame the size I needed for the bed. 

Hi-Loft Batting

Fabric of your choice

Staple gun and staples. I got two different size staples just in case. 

Happy stapling! Sorry, the photos are darker; you can see I started the project in the evening. =)

Up close of the distance between staples


Guest room is ready for more guests!


  1. You are awesome!!!!!!! Great job they both look beautiful! I have been to chicken total Ackley all my makeover prodjects. Maybe overwhelmed is a better word. Goooooooooo lucy!


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