Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Kid-You is Smarter than the Adult-You

In fifth grade my kind, fun teacher let me read my "book" to my classmates. It was a story I wrote about a kid who got kidnapped at Disneyland. (I still have yet to go to Disneyland, by the way.) My writing was compelling stuff. This situation reveals many things...I loved to write and share my stories then and that has not changed, I was far more brave then than I am now, and I actually had a big chunk of the class who sat and listened to my fifth grade level writing. Wow! When I was a kid, I knew what I liked, I did it and then I shared it with everyone without apology. That is cool! I bet you can think of a time you were unashamed of the things that you loved when you were young. What was it?

Later, I knew that I had a thing for colors, textures and fashion design. I spent hours checking out fashion design schools, attending the F.I.D.M. orientation offered at my high school and thought seriously about moving to southern California to make the most beautiful and stylish clothing. Check out these drawings I found in a box in the basement...junior year in high school and I was ready to take the world my storm. =) However amateurish these designs are, I was excited and very eager to learn more. That is a good sign.

You would think that this was just a fleeting interest, but fourteen years later, I still love design! It has changed a little, but I still want to learn more and create more! Again, the kid-me was smart and bold. Now, I am glad that I didn't take the path toward fashion design, but I do believe that too many of us repress our true loves in favor of adult practicality. We all might be more happy and serving the world better if we love what we do. I love the recent Disney short film Inner Workings. I feel like many of us feel this tug back and forth between our heart and our brain!
So, think back to when you were a kid. There are most likely things that you loved then that you still love now. If you are doing those things, I salute you. If you have abandoned them for something that doesn't thrill you, consider it again. Maybe you don't quit your job today, but let the things you love be a meaningful part of your life. Your passion is waiting for you to fall in love again. Be true to the kid in you!


Lucy Jo


  1. I love your writing, Lucy. I look forward to following your blog! I used to dream of being a journalist (or a choral conductor, or a professional basketball player, or a children's book author... ;)) Occasionally, I entertain the thought of writing a blog of local interest pieces and interviews. Now you've got me thinking about it again. :)

    1. Thanks Amelia! I am so glad that you had lots of dreams growing up too. I love your blog idea! Do it! =)

  2. As a child I wanted to be A EMT or a nurse. I let my fear of school get in the way of my dreams. Years later I had a new dream, Luckily I went full stream into massage school. I enrolled because I knew that it was what I wanted to do. I didnt research anthing
    About it. Im glad I didn't, if i had i would have got scared and thought i couldn't do it again. Im glad that didn't happen. It was extremely challenging I spent 5 hours a day studying for my 3 seperate anatomy classes and my 40 hour cadaver lab. I had to memorize every single muscle in the body it's origin ,insertion, and function. Also all the bones and boney land marks the muscles attached to. I don't memorize things well. So it was extreamly difficult but I did it. I love massaging. I love helping people. I still plan on becoming an EMT when all my kids are in school. I have started sewing again and am teaching my self to knitt, and embroider, the list goes on..... I am finally done waiting for"some day" to come for me to do all these things I love and want too learn . I decided now is the time and I have been doing it. I also have been doing my own mommy school with my youngest 2 am we both love it.
    Goooooooooo lucy! I am cheering you on.

    1. I did not know that you wanted to be an EMT or nurse! I am glad that you went for massage therapy without knowing everything. Sometimes it is better that way...jump in and work hard. You are a great massage therapist and I am impressed with all that you did and still do to keep your skills current. I love the mommy school idea and that you are pursuing your interests. I love to see your projects. Thanks for your encouragement!


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