Monday, February 6, 2017

Ways to Get that Light and Inviting Look to a Room

Ways to Get that Light and Bright Interior
A lot of natural light pouring into this space and plenty of light colors for the light to bounce off. 

Lighting: Throughout the day take note on how the light changes in the room. Is there a lot of windows that let in natural light? Do you have dark-colored, heavy curtains blocking the light? When the natural light wanes, is there enough artificial lighting to keep the room looking bright and fresh?

Window Treatments and Lighting Fixtures: Let the light in! Window treatments should add color or whimsy to the room, but do not need to block out the world. Blinds are great for creating privacy and easy to open for the light to stream through. If you are going to add curtains, make sure you hang them as close to the ceiling as possible so that it creates height in the room. Sheer curtains can let in lots of light, texture and flow. The lighting fixtures should be placed in the darkest parts of the room and can also be strategically placed to highlight beautiful vignettes of decoration. There are lots of cool options for lighting fixtures. Check out my lighting post here.
Ways to Get that Light and Bright Interior
Notice the large windows are only covers with sheer curtains. 
Paint colors: What colors are on your walls, the trim and the doors? Whites and grays are going to bounce natural and artificial light the best, so consider those colors if light and airy are your aim. What color is the furniture? Although a few colorful pieces of furniture will not take away from the light of a room, having all your pieces be very dark will give the room a more dark, moody  look vs. a bright fresh look. Remember to choose primary and secondary colors for the room and then add on other color for interest. More on choosing colors in another post.
How to Get that Light and Bright Interior
Even with the shades closed, this room has a light and airy feel to it because nearly everything in the room is white. Color matters!

Decor: Now that you have walls, doors and trim that enhance light and furniture that complements the walls, think about the wall art and decorations. Are you wanting a light farmhouse country look, are you going for modern, classic, eclectic, or glamorous? Whatever your taste, you can use the decorations to add your personal flair to the space and contribute to the rooms over. Don't forget about the flowers; they add a punch of color, whimsy, and shout "come in and stay awhile."

How to Get Light and Bright Interiors
Notice that most of the decor is white or neutral with pops of colors like green and blue. These finishing touches to a room bring interest to the room while still contributing to the light and bring atmosphere.

YOU: Sometimes I get cleaning and perfecting my spaces and at the end I am ready to enjoy the space or invite others into my space, but I look and feel gross. I am guilty of answering the door smelly and looking unkept, but my house looks amazing. There is something wrong with this picture. You should feel as good as the space you created, so time your preparation so that you can look and feel as inviting as the beautiful space that you made. Maybe I am the only one that forgets to polish myself in my frenzy to make my home just so, but just in case there is someone else out there, here is the reminder that YOU are a huge part in making your house inviting. You don't quickly forget the homes, clean or dirty, fancy or humble, that make you feel like a special guest. Open the door with a smile, offer them some refreshment and invite them to sit down in your bright, inviting room!

Now, you and your room will fill your soul and the souls of others! Enjoy!

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven.” Matthew 5:16


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