Wednesday, February 15, 2017

What is your Manifesto? Create with Purpose. Here's mine...

What is your Design Manifesto? Design with Purpose
Me with one of my best creations.

I have been thinking a lot about my purposes right now in my life. In the book The Nesting Place, which I recently bought, I came across a designer's manifesto that really resonated with me. You can find the original here. I have created my own version of the manifesto below. 
I love that manifestos are specific and defined beliefs that give us purpose. When we are sure about how and what we want to create, the creation will be focused and fast. So, I wanted to share my manifesto and challenge you to create one too.

I am a Master Author/Designer/Creator

I see beauty all around nature, in books, in my home, friends and family. I want to enhance the beauty I see for everyone around me, so they too can bask in God's love.

I am a daughter of the Master Creator. He has taught me how to design through his creations below, on and above the Earth. I see stars, the trees, flowers, seashells and my daughter's tiny hands and know that he can teach me all about creating beauty. He created me and let me help to create the most beautiful thing of all--human life. 

I appreciate exquisite things, but they are not the treasures I will keep forever. I know that what is most important repels being styled and staged. I am most authentic when I am paying real, special attention to my faith, family, relationships, learning and health. What God thinks of me trumps the world's judgements.

I seek order, but I know that messes are just masterpieces in progress. Nothing is a finished product because we are ever-changing and so what we create will change too. I love clean slates because that means potential. Simplicity, modesty and beauty is my consistent goal as I create.

I write to edify, to help others realize they are not alone and to convince everyone that they have worth. I use words like a musician uses an express, uplift and connect. I believe that learning is why we are here on Earth and I want to learn with friends. 

My aim is to create a home that envelopes those that enter with light, love and peace. My home is my daily temple where my family feels safe, loved and nurtured. All that I do and make is to bring joy to others and glory to God. 


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