Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Kid-Friendly Music and Movies that I Love

So, Disney has been blowing me away lately. I have been singing songs from Moana and Beauty and the Beast a lot! Jane has been singing with me and it is so fun. I have wonderful memories of singing songs from Disney movies from my youth.

Moana: We were able to see this in the theater and we own it now. This movie is so special. Not only is the music superb, but the hero's journey that Moana goes on is so meaningful and easy to relate to, even if I am not an islander. =)

Beauty and the Beast: This movie surprised me. I was expecting it to not meet my expectations, but it was really well done. I am a fan of Emma Watson, so I was hopeful. What truly blew me away was the quality of the music and the songs included that were not in the original animated version of the movie. It was worth the price of a ticket and we plan to own this one when it releases

I feel like we are starting to appreciate a musical more and more these days and I am not disappointed. Music is so powerful and I love the songs that I can enjoy with my little children.

I have included links to the soundtracks and the movies below.

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