Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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I have been busy writing posts about specific topics, but I just want to fill you in on our family too.

Cody has been traveling A LOT. I heartily dislike when we are a part. We have decided that one or two days can actually be healthy, but after that, we just are annoyed that we can't be together. I also hate having to take care of the homestead by myself. There is a lot of pressure already and then to know that I am on my own makes it super difficult sometimes. Cody is doing really well at work though. He has been a key player in the research, development and implementation of a new product. As I look back on when Cody got this job to where he is now, I am so impressed with his progress and improvement. We are lucky to have Cody as our provider.

Jane is on the tail end of Kindergarten. She continues to surprise me everyday. I think the oldest children tend to do that. She is very social still and loves her friends. She is reading and progressing in all the rest of the subjects. I have been pleased with her school thankfully. I recently went on a field trip with Jane to see a play at the Performing Arts Center. We both enjoyed it and I loved to see her in her school element. She is going to take swim lessons this summer and I am eager to see what interests she decides to pursue next year. We have decided to allow her one extra-circular activity. She plays with her sisters well most of the time, but she certainly has days she stomps to her room to be alone. I am so thankful for her help and her desire to keep her sisters safe and happy.

Maurie is 2. I, honestly, am struggling with her behavior and I am paying close attention to how I can help her. She is saying prayers at mealtimes and before bed. They are so sweet and always include all the members of her family. She loves to play with Jane and they always play like one is the mother and one is the daughter. They wrestle and they play like they are trying to save the other from "dying". =) We have had a few warm days and they spent as much time outside as they could. I am looking forward to summer for that reason. Maurie is misses her dad very much when he goes and she seems to be the most effected by his absence out of the girls. Whenever she hears the door or the sound of keys she says, "Daddy!" I love that they have a close relationship. Maurie has super long hair and I know that she is due for a trim. She has inherited my hair that tangles way too easily and I hate to brush it. I love her long hair, but I don't know how much longer I can handle trying to comb it. Maurie's favorite TV show is Daniel Tiger.

Brooklyn is starting to really get vocal. She is so smart! She responds with head nods and is running now. She blows us all away. She doesn't like TV and never watches; she loves to get in on the action with her older sisters and still likes to drink a bottle. She eats well most of the time, but won't eat cheese. She likes bath time and likes consistency in bedtimes and nap times. She still naps twice a day, but I don't know how much longer I will be able to do it. It will be hard to let go of the morning nap for me. Brooklyn has a head full of brown curly hair and is into everything right now. I have absolutely loved watching her discover the outdoors. She loves to be outside and her big blue eyes are wide open as she walks around and touches and eats everything. She is so sweet and gives us kisses with mouth wide open. She continues to be a ray of sunshine in our family. I am so thankful for her, especially on my hard days.

I am fairly well. My mental and emotional state has been precarious and it has taken a toll on the whole family. I visit a therapist regularly, and I learn so much. I am obsessed right now with interior design. I am finding that I dive in to my interests quickly and then burn out quickly. I am working on slowing down and really deciding what it is that I am trying to accomplish. I have awesome friends here that have been amazing supports to me and my family. I am working on being a better person one day at a time.

We are looking forward to attending the temple next weekend, finishing our basement project and enjoying more bike rides, hikes and park days. We have a few small vacations planned for the summer.

I hope you and yours are doing well!



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