Thursday, May 18, 2017

Garden Ready?

Are you ready for a great gardening season?

Here are the things we are working on.

1. We till our plots.

2. We cut down or pull weeds and place something to keep the weeds down. Right now we have cardboard down and we plan to put mulch on top to make it look more pretty.

3. Put in wood borders around our plots.

4. We send in our soil for testing to High Brix Gardens. They test the soil and then send us a specially-made fertilizer for our garden. This fertilizer, based on test results, will have the trace minerals and elements that your garden is deficient in. For your garden to grow nutrient-dense food, the soil needs to have a proper balance of minerals and nutrients. If you have any questions about High Brix Gardens, we would love to share our experience.

4. We plan on paper what to plant and where.

5. We plant, water and wait.

Here are some garden tips:

Companion Gardening Guide

Container Plant Watering

When to Plant Veggies

How to Involve Kids in Gardening

I have found that I like gardening much better when it is manageable for my stage of life. Plant things that you will be excited to use and focus on flourishing a smaller garden plot if a large plot overwhelms you. Gardening has a very big learning curve. I have had gardens that produced next to nothing, but it wasn't a waste because I learned what doesn't work. :) Cody is the better gardener between us and he is very passionate about creating a pure food source for our family. We are still learning, but our harvest grows each year.

You can do it! Start small and be patient!

Here are some tools and items that we use to maintain our garden and make our life easier. Click on the images to shop the items. If you live in the city and have small spaces, the vertical garden box look awesome.

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