Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Female Brain Book Review

I have just finished reading The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine, M.D. It was super interesting and enlightening. It is always nice to realize things about yourself that you didn't know. I loved to read about the many hormonal stages that women go through. I realized that I am not crazy, I am just a normal woman. =)

I am grateful for the research that proves that women's brains are no less capable than a mans just because it is smaller. Women's brains are simply more compact for a smaller skull. There are parts of our brains that are far more developed than a man's brain and these larger areas serve a special purposes in a woman's life.

I was encouraged and my intuition was validated as I read about how a woman changes through the menstrual cycle. I believe I may have some serious pre-menstrual syndrome. I have grown accustomed to the roller coaster of emotions, but it is not pleasant for me or my family more often
than I would like.

The following is a favorite quote from the book.

"So why is a girl born with such a highly tuned machine for reading faces, hearing emotional tones in voices and responding to unspoken cues in others? Think about it. A machine like that is built for connection. That's the main job of a girl brain, and that's what it drives a female to do from brith" (21).

I loved this quote and the idea that my baby girl's brain from birth to two years old is saturated in estrogen and is already practicing to connect with all the important people in her life. Women are driven to create relationships from the very start!

I was a bit scared as I read about the teen years in girls. With three daughters, I am anticipating some rocky times in the future. I feel like I am already seeing some teenage angst in my six year old daughter (slamming doors, lots of crying and talking about a boyfriend at school), so I am a bit frightened at what sixteen will look like. With two girls 18 months apart, I also wonder what that will look like as they enter puberty nearly at the same time.

The biological changes of a mother is super fascinating. I am a mama bear and I am so grateful for the bond that is created between a mother and her children. I honestly think I am more pleasant when I am pregnant and breastfeeding than I am otherwise because my brain has been hijacked to only think about taking care of my new baby. When I am not in baby-mode, my mind seems to become more anxious and preoccupied with other things. After having two babies so close together, I can feel myself coming out of baby-mode and eagerly anticipating more freedom and independence.

The book discusses all the research surrounding a woman's brain and is accompanied with real-world examples from her own life and the lives of her patients over the years. I enjoyed the book and I am wiser for learning more about my feminine nature.


What good books are you reading?

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