Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A Cut...to the Heart

Maurie had her first haircut. Her long black hair was down to the bottom of her rear. I loved to see her hair fall down her back, but it was really hard to keep untangled and was getting really damaged at the ends. I gave in and went to a cute children's hair salon. I knew I would need an expert to get her to sit still long enough to get a decent cut...picture sitting in a cool car, eating a lollipop and watching a cartoon kind of distracted.

After the cut, the stylist braided her hair, added pink washable color and a dash of sparkles. I was very excited for her and she said over and over, "My hair cut. My hair cut."

I confirmed with a smile, over and over, that her hair was indeed cut. I looked at her and it was as though someone had taken my baby and replaced her with a little girl. Maurie is two, and I know she isn't a baby anymore, but she looks so grown up with shorter hair. As a parent, it is hard to really see your kids sometimes. I think of how people would see my kids and say, "They have gotten so big." In my mind I would think, "Really? I haven't noticed." After Maurie's haircut, I saw her grow in a few minutes.

I think the heartbreak comes from the cascade of questions that I ask as I realize that she is really growing. Do I spend enough quality time with her? Has she felt neglected as I have tried to navigate having two babies? Did I pay attention enough to her getting older? Why don't I take her out one-on-one more often?

My lesson this week is from Maurie--life is shorter than we think and the regrets will not come from spending too little time hanging with the world or looking good. The regrets will come from wasting precious time fostering relationships that last forever.

I challenge myself and you to spend your time where it matters most.


Lucy Jo

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