Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Don't Judge

Don't judge

Yesterday, I was working on making dinner and Brooklyn kept crying, whining and asking to be held. I was really frustrated that she wouldn't let me work on dinner. One of the times I picked her up, she cried out in pain when I put my arm under her bum and then I realized the awful truth. 

She had a poopy diaper and she had likely had it for awhile. I had not smelled it, and I had not thought to check it earlier because I was occupied with dinner. When I changed her diaper, her bum was red and hurting. I felt so bad. It took a long time to clean the diaper because she cried every time I tried to wipe or put diaper cream on.

Later on, I was reflecting about what my children have taught me lately and this moment came to my mind. I did not know that she was in pain and I simply judged her and got frustrated with her because she was not allowing me to do what I needed to do.

I think we do this to each other sometimes...we judge only what we see and we get frustrated before trying to understand someone. Brookie just needed me to change her diaper. She was not asking me to hold her just to sabotage my dinner routine; she was trying to communicate that she was hurting and it was falling on a distracted mind.

Brooklyn has taught me that I need to slow down and really try to understand the people around me. I especially need to do that with my family. I can get ultra focused and I am truly blind to the good in my life sometimes. Also, I need to remember that I don't see or understand everything. I must always try to judge with compassion and patience because much of what we carry or fight is hidden from our eyes, just like I couldn't see, or smell, Brooklyn's poopy diaper and once I knew that she was poopy, it changed everything. Could your attitude towards someone change if you could see their heart and their experiences as a whole?

I challenge you to pay closer attention to those who may be struggling. Don't judge, but seek to understand and help.



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