Saturday, June 24, 2017

Don't Say Cheese!

So, this weekend was busy. I had a photo session on Friday and Saturday morning. I have not taken photos since last season and starting up again has given me some perspective. I really do love families and how beautiful, unique and complex they are. It can be very stressful when I worry the whole time about getting the one perfect family photo, but the longer I make photos, the more I realize that sometimes the most beautiful shots are the ones that are not posed and that the "money shot" will come. If someone were to ask me why I like to take photos, my answer would be because I really truly believe that every person is beautiful in their own way. I love to capture a moment in time that is unique to that person or group. No matter how many photos you take, not one will be exactly like the other because the subject is always different.

I love to see the love and affection of families and the light in people's eyes and the smiles. To freeze a moment that represents the love that people have for each other is super special and it will never get old. Making photos is not easy, but the results are always worth it. I also know that people that take the time and effort to get family photos or any photos taken almost always see the value...even the dads who historically loathe having family photos taken. 😄 So, I strive for genuine moments and seeing beyond the "say cheese" pictures.

Here is one shot from each session this weekend.

Lucy Jo Photography

Lucy Jo Photography

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