Thursday, June 1, 2017

Garden Boxes

Cody spent most of Friday making garden boxes; there will be six in total when the project is through. They look nice and, they will motivate all of us to spend more time in the garden. 

Brooklyn was the cutest helper. She fell a lot, but she was in heaven getting to play in the dirt with Dad. 

Handing Dad some dirt.

 In between the boxes we laid newspaper down on the ground and then covered it with mulch to control weeds.

The above left picture shows the potatoes and tomatoes planted, and a nice strawberry patch in the corner back. The picture on the right is a close up of the size of the wooden pegs Cody used to keep the boxes square.

Once the boxes were made and laid on the ground, Cody leveled the ground and put small wood pegs on the inside center of each side and in the corners to keep it at a perfect 90 degrees.

The ground in between the boxes was then tilled and covered with newspaper and then mulch to control the weeds and to add beauty. I love the clean look of mulch. 

There are two more boxes to make and one box will have to wait until the strawberries are done producing. We will be planting marigolds in with the potatoes because they are a great companion plant that keeps the bugs away. 

It was a fun family project and it was not too expensive. 

Here is a list of materials and the approximate cost from Home Depot.

(20) 2x6x8 lumber Cost: about $200
(1) box 10x3 1/2 screws: $6.71
(8) Brown mulch Cost: $20
Plants and Flowers : Cost: $95

I will post about the flowers I bought next time. 

How is your garden coming along? My sister-in-law already has full grown strawberries at her house in Reno and my mother-in-law keeps a greenhouse garden going year round. We hope to be able to put a removable greenhouse addition to our boxes eventually. Keep on 

Lucy Jo

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