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4 Ways to Find Your Style and a Simple Style Assessment

I recently interviewed a few of my family members about some pain points for them in regards to decorating and designing their homes. I am excited to address some issues that are real and hopefully they will be helpful to you.
1. Recognize what really impresses you. Sometimes we don't really take note about the things that we really like. One of the best pieces of advice I got before I started looking at homes was to be really observant of other people's homes and pay attention when I saw homes online so that I could start to see what would bring me joy when I encountered it. Some places to find inspiration is in your friends and family's homes, Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz and other websites dedicated to showcasing interiors. With social media today, it makes is super easy to start creating your own "vision board for your home".
2. Take inventory. Many of us have not bought everything that has found a way to our home. Many things we inherit or were given, so some of these things are naturally not going to be your style. If it does not bring you joy to see it, sell, donate or gift it to someone that may really enjoy it. You can replace it with something that does bring you joy. This process of weeding out things that are not "you" and replacing them with pieces you love may be a slow process depending on your budget, but you will find that as you are deliberate about your decorating, your friends and family will recognize your style and start getting you things that fit. For example, I had a friend that bought me some really cute yellow lemon salt shakers for my kitchen. They were a perfect addition to my kitchen decorations and I didn't even buy them. The sooner you start to find some consistency in your style, others will catch on too and help you get what you need.
3. Go shopping. I love to shop for my home, so this comes easily for me, but even if you don't like to shop, you can go with the express purpose of just seeing what catches your eye. Do you always go over to a certain color? Do you love wood or a metal or both together? Are you into textures? Do you like the quirky, eclectic decor or do you stop to look at the traditional furniture? There are so many places to go shopping, but the obvious choices are places with a good variety of styles, so that you are not limited in finding your aesthetic.
4. Ask a friend or family member that you feel has this home decorating thing down and see how they figured it out. They may start to ask you the perfect questions. Since I am your friend, here are a few to ask yourself. Write down the answers and it may reveal your style.

Style Assessment

  • Which photograph do like better?
4 Ways to Find Your Style and a Simple Style Assessment
4 Ways to Find Your Style and a Simple Style Assessment

(If you chose A, you may like darker, moodier interiors, or you at least like to add drama to contemporary spaces. You appreciate rich, deep colors.)
(If you chose B, you like bright, airy and open spaces. The more light and white, the better for you. You likely enjoy adding life and nature to the indoors with greenery and flowers.)
  • When you walk into a room, what do you notice first--how clean and organized the room feels or that there are a lot of cool things to look at?
(If you notice organization and cleanliness over the things in the room, you probably like a more minimalist space that is strategic vs having plenty to look at, but feeling overwhelmed by all the interesting things to look at.)
(If you notice the small details and like the variety and more is more look, you probably like a Bohemian or Modern glam because the space, while deliberate is filled and interesting and or beautiful.)
  • Which do you prefer?
A. Formal sofa and perfectly styled gold-lined coffee table
B. A bright and bold sofa with a colorfully patterned pouf
C. A wicker chair, warm blanket and a wooden trunk that was passed down through the family
D. A chaise lounge, a still portrait in a gilt frame on the wall and a grand vase of silk flowers

(A. Glam B. Eclectic or Bohemian, C. New Country/Rustic D. Traditional)

4 Ways to Find Your Style and a Simple Style Assessment
  • Which of these styles do you relate to the most? If you don't know what one of these looks like simply put the word and then add interiors into a google search.

You can like more than one style, and many times, the ones you like can be combined. Emily Henderson has an awesome Style Wheel that helps you to see which styles can be combined without one overtaking the other. Like finding complementary colors on a color wheel, you want to choose styles that are across from each other on her color wheel to find your style's complimentary partner.
4 Ways to Find Your Style and a Simple Style Assessment

So, do you feel like you might have an idea of what style you prefer for your home? I hope you do and if you don't, I hope you will take the time to figure it out.
Remember that you can always change your mind. Your style can change as you grow, but don't change what you love to fit just what is popular in the moment. You will love your home a lot longer if you are true to yourself, despite trends. Let your house be another way that you express your best and authentic self!
Lucy Jo

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