Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Learning to Give my Best

Learning to Give my Best
Brooklyn taking a nap with her blanket on her grandma.

Yesterday, while a bunch of adults were visiting during our family reunion, I watched as Brooklyn kept offering her baby cousin her most prized possession in the world...her blankie. This moment stuck with me because Brooklyn rarely is seen without this beloved blanket. She carries it around sunshine or rain, wide awake or fast asleep, smiles and cries. Her blanket is a special thing to her and she doesn't freely give it to anyone, so when she offered it to her sweet seven month old cousin, I knew it was special. Children are so good at loving and Brooklyn taught me that when we really love someone, we give them our best. 

I have realized over time that the people we love the most get the worst and the best of us, mostly because they are always there, but our job is to try to have our best moments out-number our worst. I, like Brooklyn, want to offer those I love something special and uniquely mine to give. 

What can you offer those you love?
Do the people you love get the best version of you?
What could you more willingly give?

Here's to offering our "blankies" to those we cherish most. 



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