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Thank you for visiting my blog! I am excited that you have come.

My blog's purpose is to help you add light to your life. I hope that as you read and interact with me and other readers it will feel like sunshine warming you through your favorite window in your home!

My blog has four major themes, and I hope you will find something you love and inspires you in one of the four categories.

Faith: I am an active and happy Christian. I love my Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ. I constantly work to improve my prayers, scripture study, family time and service. Nurturing my relationship with God is my highest priority.

Family: As you can see in the photo above, I have a handsome husband and three beautiful daughters! I met Cody in Las Vegas, NV while I was student teaching at a large high school. Cody was working and going to school. We met at church and were friends before either of us considered the other as dating material. Our relationship changed gradually and after a trip to Cody's tiny hometown in Alamo, NV, we started dating.

Our courtship was rocky with 4 break-ups, but in the end we decided the risk was worth it. ;)
We got married on a beautiful November day in 2008. Afterwards, we spent two years in Alamo, NV where Cody was a horse trainer and ranch hand on the Whipple Ranch. Like our rocky courtship, our first few years was no walk in the park. (Shout out to those who worked hard at the beginning to enjoy rich relationship now!) After two years, Cody was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and I found out I was pregnant literally while Cody lay on a hospital bed not able to walk. It was a wild time and changed the course of life together forever. Cody has since completely recovered and has been blessed with good health since just a few months after the episode.

In the wake of Cody's physical limitations, I felt like it was time for Cody to pursue a career that did not require so much of him physically. I applied to teach English at Brigham Young University-Idaho and got offered the job. Cody was accepted to BYU-Idaho and started an undergraduate degree with 6 transferred credits from his previous 3 years of college! Aaaaa! Eventually our strong, charismatic, and sweet Jane arrived a few months after moving to Rexburg.
We spent our 31/2 years in Rexburg going to school, working and trying to figure out parenting. Cody graduated at the ripe old age of 30, and I earned my Master's degree from Morehead State University December 2013. I LOVED teaching at BYU-Idaho, almost as much as I loved attending BYU-Idaho for my own undergraduate degree. Spending time with the university students in my classes was a dream come true. I really did love every one of my students! The lessons I taught them may have impacted me more at times, but I hope my students have good memories of their experience in my classes.

After graduations, we headed to the midwest where Cody now works as a welding engineer. We added Maurie and Brooklyn to the family in quick succession, bought a home and enjoy life in Wisconsin, despite it being far from all our extended family. We have wonderful friends here and feel very blessed.

Writing: I graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho with a degree in English Education Composite (Composite just means I took more English courses instead of having a different major). I taught high school, middle school and elementary school and then eventually landed at BYU-Idaho, again, this time as an instructor. While I taught at the university, I earned a Master's degree in English literature. My thesis was a collection of poetry about being a woman. I will be sharing my poetry with you, along with other writing that I am working. I will be working hard to bring you meaningful content that will inspire and motivate you to write.

Design: My interest in the arts has always been a passion--interior design and photography are my current artistic outlets. Enjoy posts on improving your home and your photography endeavors.

Please stay awhile. I am so excited to get to know you and call you friend!

Thanks for reading!

Lucy Bowman

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